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BISHIR, Mary Fite gravesite, Buford Cemetery, Highland Co., Ohio

Contributed by Celtic Giraffe Research. Tom from the OGS told me from looking at a map he had that Mary Bishir is buried between a Hopkins and a Coon. I could see no Coon tombstone, and this is the only Hopkins stone I saw in the old section of the cemetery. The stone with the arrow pointing to it is not legible. (The correct headstone is far right per FindAGrave)

Status: Located

Owner of originalCeltic Giraffe Research
File nameBISHIRMaryFite1887headstone.jpg
File Size67.15k
Dimensions500 x 375
1#018Žüª/£Êò+uDÐàC‡¶}2nêלהá[FŸDkò^©Ô>´Qƒ†÷åÐ÷µà2­¥¶—¹Ãs^Ÿç}5ç9õã2áv-$1ª{˜çÎÇ4z~ïKó>§ø?ßSG­ª_kGÔ.3´O$€J78@;h—¬Ï<¶àLgîá;Dj·§q˜´ú]•W_Ù­0òâæ71íÛý•”r]áõ ×L´þЩܝ`?4¨óˁ!¯X«WG¨fý™—ly©þ‹¶5’ Nݏönÿ­.cõÌê*Ês®mÏk½Î$·ó›ê»þ’í_fú½'õܡ꽏$IØöíoÓ±¾ÿø·ÿÂ)ú¸•ÛS]—‰“fö´âWy±öw>·«} ÜÆûÝê%o«kßsXÆú¦v·P¸îÚÏ¡Z„ñDl_Eº†¾nQeŸfôZ겍T¸ácw¼C¨¾—VÿQ¯Ùìý%oÿ Z³k1­ma² ì¶HîIì­Ú~bÛK'h«´$J[®x€AИ#·ö’3°Cù$v}¡Ïµ¯k  ÷½¥³¿LvµÌݧóˆÖՆöï>›žîä áߚí¾×{U3¼‚í¯‘ØpœnÉÛÉü¡.-<{ªü8¬Ì¯2܋ _‰XaÅa-–»Ýê}/¥î÷{· <µ]sHôn÷½š4¶Ò}î­­ž›Ô6;B6º&Ør“¯€aîàÁ;ܗ Ž”kþj‰ðnQˆ2§Óµ”’í¡¶ï‚c÷ê©Íoö•@Xýj{oh€,¬—0þ÷é=« ÇÅ»¥ô«Øñ[r?Ihõj &¸þw"ºèýG½Þ¯¦¹œGÕn?§[‹ƒǵ°@píê0¹¿æ{åŒG‘
Linked toMary Fite

Buford Cemetery, Buford, Highland Co., Ohio, United States

Notes: Additional photos here: http://www.bishir.org/misc/BufordCemetery.pdf (large file, 5.4MB)

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