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BISHIR - Cooper shop in Cynthiana, Kentucky about 1906. Lundy Bishir is standing behind the barrel.

Contributed by Judy Kivi

Lundy would have been about 19 at this time. According to a letter we received many years ago from Lundy's widow, Mary Bishir, Lundy's uncle is also in the photo. She thought his name might be "Bill" but she wasn't sure. Lundy's brother, William, would have been only six years old when this photo was taken and Lundy's great-uncle Bill Bishir would have been in his 60s by this time. The only Bishir uncle Lundy had was Albert Burton Bishir. Burt would have been 34 in 1906. He was a cooper in Kentucky in 1910. Maybe Lundy went to work for him when he was out of school. Based on the strong facial resemblance, Burt is probably the man to the right of Lundy.

Owner of originalJudy Kivi
DateAbout 1906
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Linked toAlbert Burton Bishir; Charles Lundy Bishir
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