Christopher Bishir

Male 1759 - 1847  (87 years)

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John W. Landis
Male 1803-1868
John Lakin
Male Abt 1797-
Mary E. Washburn
Female 1854-1922
Mary Bishir
Female Abt 1851-
Samuel Bishir
Male 1822-1900
Tarissa Rust
Female 1831-1857
Lenora M Schutt
Female Abt 1867-1947
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Fanny L. Bishir
Female 1867-1917
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Albert Bishir
Male 1869-1927
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Nellie Kees
Female -Aft 1927
Jemima Bishir
Female 1871-1938
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Walter L. Bishir
Male 1874-1948
Nora Bishir
Female 1876-1908
Edward Curtis
Male 1866-1947
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Francis Cassie
Female Abt 1885-1923
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Henry Bishir
Male 1882-1946
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Rachel M. Bishir
Female 1884-1964
Mary Fite
Female 1844-1887
? Bishir
Female 1822-Abt 1822
Nancy E.
Female Abt 1849-Bef 1900
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Robert L. Roads
Male 1851-1936
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William I. Roads
Male Abt 1858-
John W. Roads
Male Abt 1867-
Sarah Bishir
Female 1824-1882
Daniel F. Roads
Male Abt 1819-Aft 1880
Joseph Baldwin
Male 1850-1850
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Thomas L. Baldwin
Male Abt 1854-Aft 1930
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Louisa A. Bishir
Female 1826-1868
Jane Bishir
Female 1827-1828
Jacob Bishir
Male 1830-1861
Lewis Bishir
Male 1832-1902
Julia Bailey
Female 1840-1863
Jacob D. Bishir
Male 1866-1943
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Mary Anna Bishir
Female 1869-1957
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Ella Bishir
Female 1874-1899
Jacob O. Murphy
Male 1873-1953
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Loruhama Baker
Female 1842-1894
Jacob Willett
Male Bef 1858-
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Ida May Willett
Female 1862-1918
Solon L. Jackson
Male 1854-1920
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Elizabeth Bishir
Female 1837-1885
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Mae Carr
Female -Bef 1928
John F. DeHaas
Male Abt 1852-Aft 1942
Ira E. Willett
Male 1876-1962
J. W. Grimes
Male Abt 1862-
Mary Ann Bishir
Female 1839-1911
Jacob Bishir
Male 1796-1868
Sarah Bisher
Female 1827-1828
Hannah Bisher
Female 1827-1844
Louisa Bisher
Female 1854-1855
Silas Milliser
Male 1844-Bef 1910
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David Hissong
Male -Aft 1913
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John Bisher
Male 1860-1925
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Joseph H. Bisher
Male 1864-1866
Joseph W. Bisher
Male 1867-1881
Joseph Bisher
Male 1829-1907
Mary Frocoat
Female 1833-1920
John Bisher
Male 1831-1834
Bennett Bisher
Male 1832-1888
Eliza A. Crider
Female Abt 1833-1908
Rose Golde Scott
Female 1870-1963
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Kate Maria Woods
Female 1878-1969
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Florence Mack
Female Abt 1884-
Ora Elmer Bisher
Male 1873-1940
Ella May Bisher
Female 1876-1942
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Alice Bisher
Female 1883-1949
Alvia Bisher
Male 1883-1963
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Lewis Bisher
Male 1835-1905
Emma G. Bishir
Female 1865-1920
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Jacob Bisher
Male 1837-1920
Salina Leever
Female 1839-1913
Mary L Silvey
Female 1853-1928
Lucy Bisher
Female 1841-1842
John Bishir
Male 1798-1860
Sarah Bisher
Female 1854-1854
John G Bisher
Male 1855-1906
Laura L Baker
Female Abt 1861-UNKNOWN
Jeremiah Bisher
Male 1857-1931
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Stephen A Bishir
Male 1860-1864
Miles Bishir
Male 1830-1898
Lavina Gillam
Female 1832-1913
Pauline Bisher
Female 1831-1835
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Mary Malinda Gillam
Female 1856-UNKNOWN
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Emily M Hornbeck
Female 1862-1886
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Thomas Eli Gillam
Male 1864-Aft 1930
Emily Bishir
Female 1832-1908
Elijah H Gillam
Male Abt 1831-1865
Joshua Hoover
Male -Bef 1900
Isaiah Bisher
Male 1834-Bef 1910
Mary Ann Bishir
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Richard Alfred Bishir
Male 1862-UNKNOWN
Sarah Ann Mabb
Female 1870-1961
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Ester Millet
Female 1803-Abt 1843
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Edwin M. Mahin
Male 1863-1944
Annie Swartz
Female 1874-1948
William Gilmore
Male 1868-1953
Edith Erwin
Female 1884-1975
Clara Gilmore
Female 1871-1964
Lulu Gilmore
Female 1874-UNKNOWN
Charles Hart
Effie Gilmore
Female Abt 1876-Abt 1960
William D. Cowger
Male Abt 1872-1936
Emma Gilmore
Female Abt 1879-UNKNOWN
John Lucas
Malinda Bishir
Female 1838-1919
Ransom Gilmore
Male 1832-1922
Mary W Bishir
Female 1840-1907
Simon O'Neal
Liz Lowry
Female 1864-
George Lowry
Male 1866-1936
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Elza L Lowry
Male 1870-1937
Allie Lowry
Female 1885-UNKNOWN
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Archie Ray Lowry
Male 1880-1951
Laura Straub
Female 1883-UNKNOWN
Hannah Bishir
Female 1847-1915
Anzy Dowler
Male 1865-UNKNOWN
John Bishir
Male 1849-1900
Ernest W Zootman
Male 1866-1941
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Glenda Wright
Female 1878-1935
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Ida Vern Wright
Female 1882-1882
George Lee Wright
Male 1885-UNKNOWN
Elizabeth A Rogers
Female 1889-UNKNOWN
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Robert William Wright
Male 1886-UNKNOWN
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Amy B Pratt
Female 1889-1977
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Sarah E Bishir
Female 1852-1934
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William Franklin
Female -Aft 1934
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Lila S. Boetel
Female 1883-1968
William G Bishir
Male 1853-Bef 1934
Wilhelmina M Kanter
Female 1863-UNKNOWN
Fannie A. Bishir
Female 1877-1967
James B. Jester
Male 1869-1901
Paul E. Smith
Male 1885-1966
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Malinda Bishir
Female Bef 1880-Bef 1900
Eliza Bishir
Female Bef 1881-Bef 1900
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Martha J Bishir
Female 1894-1965
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Eli Bishir
Male 1857-Bef 1934
Hezekiah Stoner
Male 1878-1878
Anna Susanna Schaper
Female Abt 1888-1913
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Sarah May Stoner
Female 1882-1952
Frank Harrison
Male 1877-1955
Hester E Stoner
Female 1884-1904
John E Foster
??? Shafer
Baby Stoner
Female 1889-1889
Burton Stoner
Male 1890-1891
Frederick Stoner
Male 1848-1891
Goldie Mable Cox
Female 1895-1958
Elmer Miller
Male 1891-1959
Christie Cox
Female 1897-1973
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Dell Cox
Male 1851-UNKNOWN
Jerry M. Merritt
Male 1858-UNKNOWN
James B Bishir
Male 1860-1944
Dora A. Goble
Female Abt 1866-UNKNOWN
Edwin Bishir
Male 1881-UNKNOWN
Rose Ella Bishir
Female 1883-1984
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Jesse Bishir
Male 1884-1894
Roy Earl Bishir
Male 1886-1979
Caroline L Frank
Female 1886-1975
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Charles C Bishir
Male 1889-1934
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Leonard Bishir
Male 1891-1894
William E Bishir
Male 1895-1933
Helen Bond
Female 1895-
George D Bishir
Male 1861-1934
Mary Almeda Cain
Female 1861-1941
Harriet Baum Asba
Female 1823-UNKNOWN
Ann Bishir
Female Abt 1828-
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James W. Bishir
Male 1857-1931
Ida M. Lindsay
Female 1859-1910
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Isadora Bishir
Female 1859-1860
Mary H. Bishir
Female 1864-1944
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Arthur A. Bishir
Male 1870-1934
Female Abt 1886-
Piety Ann Turner
Female 1832-1921
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James Irwin
Male 1846-1918
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Minnie L. Beattie
Female Abt 1874-1951
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Eleanor Bisher
Female 1871-1898
Bert A. Beattie
Male 1867-1959
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Ozella Bisher
Female 1871-1958
Albert A. Osborn
Male 1860-1924
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twin Bisher
Abt 1876-1876
twin Bisher
Abt 1876-1876
Jennie Bisher
Female Abt 1884-
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Ralph Crippen
Male Abt 1884-1941
Mary Lydia Fenner
Female Abt 1854-1900
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John C. Fenner
Male 1857-1933
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John Fenner
Male 1828-1911
Susan Walker
Female 1856-1880
Robert E. Walker
Male 1864-1929
Elizabeth Leonard
Female 1870-Bef 1929
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Rosella Walker
Female 1867-1944
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Ida F. Lee
Female 1867-Aft 1930
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Eva Taliha Jones
Female 1879-1966
Cora May Irvin
Female 1886-1902
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Lilly B. Ward
Female 1888-1914
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Walter Reynolds
Male Abt 1861-
Male -Bef 1924
Eliza J. Bishir
Female Abt 1836-
Susannah Hart
Female 1808-1839
Rebecca Ann Bishir
Female Abt 1848-1887
James H. Turner
Male 1859-Aft 1900
Rebecca Abernathy
Female Abt 1806-1889
Walter P. Bishir
Male 1869-1919
Cordelia Pitzer
Female 1869-1943
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Mabel Fenhoff
Female 1886-1947
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Lillie May Kizer
Female 1875-1903
New chart
Minnie Lee Clair
Female 1870-1929
Frank Bishir
Male 1877-Bef 1880
New chart
Elza Graybill
Male 1868-1934
Charles Youngerman
Male 1884-Aft 1938
New chart
George W. Bishir
Male 1839-1906
Delilah Morsman
Female 1850-1922
George Bishir
Male Abt 1882-
Olive Boling
Female Abt 1897-
James Bishir
Male Abt 1840-1905