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51 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Frances married Phillip Montague 5/28/1810. spoken of as daughter Phillip Lee, dec. 
Lee, Frances (I8604)
52 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

George Lee, third son of Charles and Dorothy Lee, born April 26th. 1715. married Mary Buford, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Buford, Dec. 4, 1737. (Thomas Buford's will was probated in Middlesex July 7th. 1761. In it he mentions his wife Elizabeth and daughters, Agatha Lee, Sarah Wisdom, Mary Lee and Elizabeth Erly.]

George Lee' will was probated in Middlesex county April 7, 1757. It mentioned his wife, Mary and the following children: son James, daughter Elizabeth George the wife of John George, daughter Mary Bird the wife of Philemon Bird, daughter Dorothy Tuggle wife of Lodowick Tuggle, and Esther Lee by John Jackson her guardian. The will was probated by his widow, Mary (Buford) Lee. Charles Lee his brother was executor and witnesses were Phillip and Lewis Montague and William Segar.

Jon Lynn Daniel (1953-1993), The Daniel Family of Middlesex County,

Rutman Research Files, Virginia Historical Society, Biographical
Folders: George was administrator of his mother's will, but died
before it was proved; his wife Mary became administrator.

Death: BEF 2 AUG 1757 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Father: Charles LEE (3) b: 23 MAR 1663/1664
Mother: Dorothy HENRY b: ABT 1683 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Marriage 1 Mary BUFORD b: 20 AUG 1713

Married: 4 DEC 1737 in Middlesex County, Virginia


1. Dorothy LEE (2) b: AFT 1737
2. Elizabeth LEE (3) b: AFT 1737
3. Esther LEE b: AFT 1737
4. Mary LEE (5) b: AFT 1737
5. Rachel LEE (2) b: AFT 1737
6. James LEE b: 1742 
Lee, George (I8519)
53 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Information about the Jeffries/Tuggle family comes from Robert Jeffries e-mail: He said all the Jeffries children of William and Esther Lee Jeffries died in Georgia. Most of their descendents are still in Georgia (in 2001) but some have moved to Alabama and Texas. 
Jeffries, William (I8561)
54 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

James, born Oct. 6th. 1742. His first wife was Elizabeth Montague, the widow of James Daniel married Feb. 2nd 1774 and his second wife was Frances Thurston, married Jany. 5th. 1790.

James Lee was a revolutionary soldier and sheriff of Middlesex County in 1788. (Will Book G. 1' 148-155)

Middlesex Co Wills #2: 1799-1812: p. 64: (Hopkins, p. 119): 1784 account of
estate of Robert Thurston, decd., by James Lee, administrator June 23, 1800. 
Lee, James (I8523)
55 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Jane married Rev. Abraham Montague, 9/22/1806. Ann Lee, P. T. and W.L. Montague on bond. According to the Peter Montague Family genealogy, Jane Lee Montague was a "Most excellent woman, well fitted to round out her husband's life in ministerial duties." 
Lee, Jane (I8606)
56 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

John Lee, second son of Charles and Dorothy Lee, born Aug. 28th. 1712. Ronald had very meager records of John Lee. He was the third husband of Agatha Buford, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Buford, and mentioned in her father's will. Her first husband was George Twyman, and her second John Warwick. (The name of Buford' was originally spelled Blewford or Beauford). 
Lee, John (I8518)
57 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Looking through Bristow family information: Anne Jones married James Bristow in 1717. Their daughter, Mary, was born 1718 and Anne died less than a month later. 
Jones, Anne (I8779)
58 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Margaret Malvina Garrett was the daughter of William Garrett and Margaret Malvina Brown of Middlesex county. (The name of her mother is family tradition. Ronald Currie Lee was not able to verify it. The records may open up a very interesting line. Possibly she was the descendant of Massey Yarrington. Christ Church Reg. has an entry. James Brown married to Judith Yarrington 9/30/l752. The Yarringtons were very early settlers in the county and a Yarrington was on the first vestry board of Christ Church.)

According to marriage bond Middlesex County 2/12/1846 George Critcher of Richmond County married Margaret M. Garrett, widow. Edmund H. Montague and M. He Groom were security. After the marriage they lived in Richmond County. There is also a marriage bond in Middlesex 1/1/1850, Ira E. Parry to Olivia A. Garrett, Margaret M. Critcher and George Critcher guardians. A deed in which Ira Parry and Olivia Critcher his wife sold 350 acres in upper Middlesex to Richard C. Lee, 10/2/1852. A deed in Middlesex Book #21 P. 153 and #27 P. 367 stating that William Garret died intestate and Richard B. Lee is son of Richard Currie Lee and grandson of William Garrett.

Edmund H. Montague is the son of Thomas Montague and brother of Philip Montague who married Frances Lee b. Feb. 14, 1792, sister of Philip Lee who married Nancy Ann Jacobs and had son Richard Currie Lee who married Margaret Malvina Garrett. So Edmund H. Montague was brother in law to Richard Currie Lee's Aunt Frances Lee Montague.

Married by the Rev. Elijah J. Williams, Middlesex Co., VA. (Lee Family Bible). "Mother and Father married in Richmond Co., VA near Farnham, VA." 
Garrett, Margaret Malvina (I8642)
59 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Mary Gardner married Nicholas Bristow in 1717 (a popular year for marriages in this family). Their children were Anne, John, Jemima, William, Samuel, and Hannah, born between 1719 and 1732. Mary died in 1744. 
Gardner, Mary (I8824)
60 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Mary Mullins mentioned in Middlesex Co. Will Book of Thomas Lee's will
written Mar. 6, 1709 porbated July 13, 1709. It mentions wife Elizabeth, daus. Mary jones, Anne GArdner, son: Charles, Grch: Thomas and Charles Lee, Mary Mullins, dau of William Mullins decd.; Executor: Charles Lee. Witnesses: John Owen, Elizabeth Mullins, and Ringing Gardner. 
Mullins, Mary (I8840)
61 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Middlesex County Order Book: X-317 Nov. 23rd. 1687. At a court the for the County of Middlesex. Present. Col. Christopher Wormley, Capt. Walter Whittaker, Mr. John Wortham, Mr. Oswald Cary, Mr. William Daniel.

"The court being mett together by vurtue of his Excels commands signified by his letter of the 14th instant to take an acc of what men in this county are capable to finde horse and man as likewise to serve on foot in the militia of this county. Upon full examination of the same do hereby make returne as follows. That the persons whose names are underwritten are by this court thought of sufficient ability to find a man horse and arms."

Among the names listed were: Doodes Minor, William Montague, Thomas LEE, William Daniell Jr., Thomas Blewford, William MULLINS and Thomas Gardner.

Middlesex County Will Book A, 1689-1713, p.4 (Hopkin's, p. 52): William MULLINS: 11 feb. 1710/7 Aug. 1711... Son William Mullins all my land. Wife Elizabeth Mullins and my four children: Mary Mullins, William Mullins, Elizabeth Mullins, and John Mullins. Exor: wife. 
Mullins, William (I8838)
62 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Middlesex County VA Wills and Inventories, 1673-1812, Order Book 3, 1694-1705, p. 107 and 110: 19 Feb 1695 Wiliam Proverb (Probart) servant to Mr. Thomas Landley. William Proverb (Probart), age 24, deposes.

Deed Abstracts of Middlesex County Virginia V2. 1703-1709 (975.533 R2s)

p41 (From deed book pages 87-88) Indenture 6 August 1705 between William Probert and Hannah his wife on one part and William Gardiner sold to Gardiner 60 acres of land in Middlesex county. William Probert came to Court 3 Sept 1705 and acknowledged the deed to William Gardiner. Hannah Probert also appeared and being first examined, relinquished her right to dower

p56 (from Deed book p 124) William Finney, William Probert and David Davis were bound to John Grymes who was a commissioner of the peace to assist him 2 Feb 1706 and they posted bond of £100.

Land Patent Records from Library of Virginia at (
Scanned from Original Documents:
William Probert, 23 Oct 1703, Middlesex county 6a, beginning at a small ash by the run of a branch corner tree of Segers land, and running thence along the line of the Jamaica Land, Patents 9, p 547

Middlesex County Land and Property
p90 (from Deed book p 195) Henry Probert and Sarah West signed a deed with Penelope Wyatt
p91 William Probert and Sarah West witnessed a deed for Thomas Diott and Penelope Diott.

Probate, Wills, Death Records

Middlesex County VA Wills and Inventories 1673-1812 and other Court papers;Hopkins, William Lindsay ,copy right William Hopkins 1989 (Book 975.533 P28h)

p78 From Will Book B 1713-1734 part 1 p 162
Will of John Owen July 1720/7 Feb 1720, wife Hannah Owen, names their children William Owen and Elizabeth Owen who were under age. William Probert and Hannah Probert are named apparently as guardians should be previously specified guardians die. Exor: Edwin Thacker

p79 From Will Book B 1713-1734 part 1 p 213
Appraisal of the estate of William Probert by Edwin Thacker, executor of John Owen, deceased, who was administrator of William Probert deceased. Dated 7 March 1720

p251 From Order Book 5 1710-1726 p 513
Hannah Owen, administrator of William Probert, deceased and Edwin Thacker, executor of John Owen, deceased, to settle the account of the estate of said Probert. Dated 7 March 1720. 
Probart, William (I8491)
63 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Middlesex County Will Book B, 1713-1734, p. 74 (Hopkins, pg. 56.)
The will of John Mullins...14 Jun 1716/4 Jun 1717... William Gardner Jr., son of William Gardner Sr. of Middlesex Co. the land purchased of Zachry Mullins of Samuel Lee. Wit: Jospeh Hardee (Hardy), Dorothy Lecy (Lacy), and Mary Gardner.

Both Zachry Mullins and Samuel LEE may be unknown relatives. 
Mullins, John (I8839)
64 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812, Surveys: 1735-1807, (Hopkins, pg. 29): 18 July 1763 Joseph Stephens, 170 acres of intailed land. Chaincarriers: Thomas Lee and John____. Surveyor: William Parry. Adjoins Perrott's Creek, Montague, Segar. recorded 4 Dec. 1772. 
Lee, Thomas (I8510)
65 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812, Will Book C 1740-1743, pg. 27, (Hopkins, pg. 69): Sarah Lee is mentioned in the will of Robert Brown...29 Mar 1741/7 Apr 1741...Sarah Owen, dau of William Owen, decd., Sarah Lee, dau of Thomas Lee. Reuben Shelton, son of Thomas Shelton. Hannah Buford, dau of William Buford. Charles Perrott and Frances Perrott, son of Curtis Perrott, decd. Pleasant Wakefield, an orphan under my care to be taught the trade of carpenter. Residue of my estate between the children of my brother Curtis Hardee and he is to be executor. Wit: James Campbell, Obediah Daniel and John Cole. 
Lee, Sarah (I8512)
66 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812, Will Book G 1787-1793, pg. 242. (Hopkins, pg. 111): Mentions Lewis Lee, grandson of Charles Lee, in CharlesLee's will:
31 May 1791/ 25 Oct 1791.

In the family bible of Jethro Lee a farmer of Middlesex county who died in 1936, the record shows that Lewis Lee had son Obediah, who had son Jethro (above) who had son R. 0. Lee. 
Lee, Lewis (I8749)
67 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Mixed Land and Probate Records Middlesex co VA 1675-1798 pt 1 (0032456)
p 402 Will of William Owen 25 Nov 1776
William Owen of Christ Church, noted he was sick of body. Left his plantation to his son, John Owen as well as the land he purchased from John Davis, land purchased from Augustine Smith (that Smith bought from William Armistead). Left some land and 60 pounds cash to son William Owen, as well as slaves. Left to son William Owen land in Briery Swamp that was purchased from George Davis. Left slaves etc to daughter Elizabeth Blackburn and daughter Sarah Owen. Left his daughter Sarah Owen in the care of his son William Owen. Sons John and William were appointed as executors. Wits: Andrew Davis, William Stiff, William Churchill and James Dunlevy. 
Owen, William (I8500)
68 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Penelope Lee, Penny in her father's will, dau. Charles Lee and Penelope Cheney, married 1st. according to Christ Church Register Robert Daniel 12/29/1768; 2nd Robert Ware 10/20/1794, according to marriage bond on file in Middlesex Co. Her brother and sister-in-law, Phillip and Ann Lee are on the bond. Robert Daniel's will is on file in Middlesex, 1/21/1784. Mentions wife Pene, and gives to son Henry, home place, son Robert wife Pene, and gives to son Henry, home place, son Robert 220 acres, son Beverley a place bought of Sears, sons Garrett and George, 110 acres each, and mentions daughters Jean and Betty.

Name: Penelope (Penny) LEE
Sex: F
Birth: BET 1749 AND 1757 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Date of birth estimated.

Pamela Cranston, Thomas Lee of Middlesex County, Virginia,, 10 December 2000.

Norm McHan, 5 February 2001. First marriage recorded in Christ
Church Parish Register. Second marriage bond recorded in Middlesex
County, with Phillip and Ann Lee acting as security.

Jon Lynn Daniel (1953-1993), The Daniel Family of Middlesex County,
Virginia. Died about 1804?

Norm McHan, 21 June 2001. 1810 Virginia census, Middlesex County.
Penny Ware born before 1765. Four other females in household, born
1784-1794, 1784-1794, 1794-1800, and 1794-1800; one male born 1801-
1810; and 4 slaves. [If this is the correct Penny Ware, then her
death certainly is after 1810. Two eldest daughters would be Rebecca
and Susanna, but the youngest two as well as the boy would appear to
be otherwise unidentified children of Penny Lee and Robert Ware.]

Death: AFT 1810 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Father: Charles LEE (2) b: 8 FEB 1717/1718 in Middlesex County, Virginia
Mother: Penelope CHENEY b: 6 AUG 1721 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Marriage 1 Robert DANIEL b: ABT 1727 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Married: 29 DEC 1768 in Christ Church Parish, Middlesex County, Virginia


1. Beverley DANIEL b: AFT 1768 in Middlesex County, Virginia
2. Elizabeth (Betty) DANIEL b: AFT 1768 in Middlesex County, Virginia
3. Garrett DANIEL b: AFT 1768 in Middlesex County, Virginia
4. Jenny (Jean) DANIEL b: AFT 1768 in Middlesex County, Virginia
5. Robert DANIEL (2) b: ABT 1770 in Middlesex County, Virginia
6. Henry DANIEL b: ABT 1774 in Middlesex County, Virginia
7. George DANIEL b: ABT 1778 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Marriage 2 Robert WARE (4) b: ABT 1740

Married: 20 OCT 1794 in Middlesex County, Virginia 
Lee, Penelope (I8574)
69 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Penelope married William Latane Montague 10/26/1802. Phillip Lee on bond. 
Lee, Penelope (I8601)
70 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Peter Wilson Coldham: Bristol Register of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations: 1654-1686 lists on pg. 95: Thomas Probart of Monington on Why, Herefordshire to be sent on Mar. 19, 1659 in service of Henry Belcher, 4 years Barbados. 
Probart, Thomas (I8496)
71 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Peter Wilson Coldham: Bristol Register of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations: 1654-1686 lists on: pg. 99: William Probart of Madley Herefordshire to be sent on June 8, 1659 in service of Wm. White, 4 yrs Barbados.

Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660; Coldham, Peter (973 W2col), p. 422
8 June 1659. William Probart of Madley, Herefordshire, yeoman, bound to William White to serve 4 years in Barbados.

On pg. 95: Thomas Probart of Monington on Why, Herefordshire to be sent on Mar. 19, 1659 in service of Henry Belcher, 4 years Barbados.

Church Records: Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County VA 1653-1812 (975.533 K2p)

p. 79 Mary daughter of William and Hannah Probent (spelled Probent) born 16 Nov 1708
p. 67 Ann daughter of William and Hannah Probert was baptized 20 Jan 1705
p167 Thomas Shelton and Mary Probert married 14 January 1730

Land and Property: Essex Co VA General Index to Wills and Deeds Book B 1691-1722 (Film 0031265)

p 332 5 Dec 1706 Probert, Walter from Thomas Tinsley, Deed, Book D&C #12 p 308

5 Dec 1706 Probert, from Thomas and Sarah Tinsley, acknowl, Book D&C #12 p 309

8 Feb 1707 Probert, Walter abolishes deed of sale from Thomas Tinsley Book D&C #12

p 335 21 Oct 1717 Probert, William witness, Book D&W #15 p 127

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index; ed Filby, P. William (973 W32p), V3 p1683

(From Bristol and America: Records of the First Settlers of North America 1654-1685, 1929)
(p127) Probert, John Virginia 1663-1679
(p148) Probert, Mary Nevis 1663-1679

(From English Convicts in Colonial America by Coldham, Peter 1974)
(p217) Probert, Alice Maryland 1724

Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699; Coldham, Peter Wilson; Genealogy Publishing Co., p359: 27 Feb 1680 The following were apprenticed in Bristol: William Probert to Thomas Watts, 4 years in Nevis by the "Constant Martha" (BR)

Complete Book of Immigrants 1700-1750 by Coldham, Peter (973 W2col); Genealogy Publishing Co., p. 630. June 1750 Will of Elizabeth Gronous of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, spinster whose cousin William Probart was in Worcester Co VA

Barbados Records, Baptisms 1637-1800; comp Sanders, Joanne McRee (Lat Am 972.981 K29sj), p. 451, St Philip's Parish, Baptized 28 May 1654 a daughter of John Probert 
Probart, William (I8493)
72 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Philip Lee married Nancy Ann Jacobs daughter Benjamin Jacobs and Francis Blackley 12/28/1815. Security Benj. Jacobs and Abraham Montague on bond.

Pamela Lee Cranston (April 2000) owns Indenture document dated 1811 signed by Philip Lee as witness of indenture of brother Charles Ludwell Lee and wife Clarissa Montague Lee. 
Lee, Philip (I8602)
73 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Philip Lee the second son of Charles and Penelope Lee to have issue. There is no record of the date of his birth.

Middlesex County Will and Inventories Book 1673-1812, Wills #2 1799-1812, p. 243, (Hopkins, p. 123):
His will is on file in Middlesex dated 8 Jan1802 and probated 22 Oct 1804. Will: "Philip Lee... 8 Jan1802/ 22 Oct 1804... Wife Ann Lee. Son Charles Lee land adjoining Travis Daniel and Burgess Kidd. Sons Philip and Corrie (Currie) Lee (both underage). "All my children not above mentioned." Exor: Wife. Wit: Garrett Daniel, Robert Ware and George Daniel."

He married Ann Montague, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Currie Montague.
Extensive details of her family can be found in the book of the Montague family by George William Montague.

According to the George William Montague's book of the History and Genealogy of Genealogy of Peter Montague of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, VA 1621-1894, by George Wm. Montague, p. 109, "some of Philip Lee's descendants say he was the son of Lewis Lee and Philip was a Colonel in the war of 1812... Philip Lee was a good man, honest to a fault, kind, affectionate husband and indulgent father, and stood high whereever known..." (From a letter of Thomas Healy Montague.)

Middlesex County Will and Inventories Book 1673-1812, Surveys 1735-1807, p. 45, (Hopkins, pg. 34.)
1797: Commissioners Churchill Blakley and John George. Jury: William Healy, William N. Kidd, George Saunders, Philip Lee, George Dillard, Ferderick Noel, Thomas Farguson, Thomas Chowning, Thomas Montague, Henry Mickleborough, Bevan Abbott and William Goerge Jr.. (Surveyed 88 acres. the estate of Henry Chowning, decd., adjoins Allen and Johnson.) Then surveyed 2 acres at the request of Col. John George and consent of William Thurston - land sold by Thurston to George.

Middlesex County Will and Inventories Book 1673-1812, Wills 1795-1798, p. 7 (Hopkins, p. 115): The will of Thomas Brooks 21 Jan 1795/ 28 Sept 1795 wife Ann Brooks. mentions land adjoining: Mr. Philip Lee, Charles Dannal, Jinne jessee, John Dannal, William Hardy. Mentions Brooks family. Wit: Philip and Ann Lee, and William Dillard. 
Lee, Philip (I8575)
74 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Phillip Lee went to Mississippi and died unmarried. According to the George William Montague's book of the History and Genealogy of Peter Montague of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, VA 1621-1894, p. 337, "He was noted for his energy and perseverence and was much respected. His death in early manhood in 1862, was greatly lamented." 
Lee, Philip (I8640)
75 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Previously unknown, Alice Lee may have been the first of Thomas Lee's children. She was married at Christ Episcopal Church Middlesex Co., VA on July 8, 1686 to William Jones of New Kent Co., VA.County records show that she died in April 1687, 9 months after she married - hence probably in childbirth. William Jones of New Kent Co., VA married her sister Mary Lee after 1687. 
Lee, Alice (I8774)
76 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Probate, Wills, Death Records
Middlesex County VA Wills and Inventories 1673-1812 and other Court papers;Hopkins, William Lindsay ,copy right William Hopkins 1989 (Book 975.533 P28h)

P254 From p 43 Order Book 6 1721-1726
Robert Brown and Hannah Brown his wife to give further Security for the estate of William Probert deceased, 4 Sept 1722

p 92 From p 27 Will Book C 1740-1748
Robert Brown 29 Mar 1741/7 Apr 1741- Sarah Owen , daughter of William Owen, deceased. Sarah Lee daughter of Thomas Lee, Reuben Shelton son of Thomas Shelton, Hannah Buford daughter of William Buford. 
Hannah (I8492)
77 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Rachael and Ester Lee, twins, born May 24th. 1754. No further record of Rachael, probably died young. Ester married William Jeffries Feb. 10th. 1770. 
Lee, Rachael (I8527)
78 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Richard Buffon Lee was born with the given first name of Wirt but it was legally changed to Richard by his foster family after he moved to their boarding house in Richmond, VA. He was born near Urbanna, VA probably in the village of what is now Jamaica, Va., north of Saluda. Their home lay between Perrott's Creek and the Dragon Swamp, which is the head waters of the Pyankatank River. It is a somewhat flat, rolling, well wooded and watered country, just south of the Essex Co. border. The Lee plantation was owned by Richard Buffon Lee's father, Col. Richard Currie Lee, until the house burned down in the winter of 1856. During this time Richard C. Lee's wife, Margaret Malvina Garrett Lee died from the effects of exposure. By 1864, the two Lee boys were orphaned, after their father died from battle wounds from serving in the Confederate army.

Family tradition has it that the two boys were placed in foster care in a boarding house in Richmond, VA operated by the "meanest woman in Richmond". Richard was 12 and Jethro was 10 when they were orphaned. Jethro died at the age of 16. Richard grew up in Richmond, VA and tried his hand at various trades, from saleman to owner of a haberdasheryand piano business. A horrible businessman, he failed at nearly everything he tried. He spent most of his wife's money and was known to be a heavy drinker. He was a short, slight man, who in his later years sported a white moustache and wore white cotton suits, like a "Kentucky Colonel." He and his wife and family were brought north around 1900, first to Staten Island, then near his home on Hook Road in Bedford, NY by his oldest son, Ronald Currie Lee, where he died at a hospital in White Plains in 1944.

The inside inscriptions of the Lee Family Bible were as follows:

"Born on the 26th day of July in the county of Augusta and the state of Virginia near Staunton at the residence of William Peyton, Esq., Ronald Currie Lee, the first born son of Richard B. Lee and Mary J. Day in the year 1877.
"Born at our residence 838 West Grace St. in the city of Richmond, Virginia, Mary Day Lee, daughter of Richard B. Lee and Mary J. Day on 21, April 1879.
"Joseph Day Lee born 28, February, 1881 at 838 W. Grace St., Florence born Oct. 9, 1882 at 838 W. Grace St.; Arthur Hampton Lee born 19, May 1885 at 838 West Grace St.; Agnes Garrett Lee born 12, May 1887."

At the bottom of this page in much smaller pen is inscribed:
"Joseph Day Lee married Abby Stout Howell, born March 12, 1884, daughter of Wilson Stout Howell and Emma Barnsdall Atkinson on Oct. 12, 1907."

"Joseph Day Lee II b. Sept. 26, 1908 in New York City, son of Jospeh Day Lee and Abby Howell. Abigail Stout Lee b. May 21, 1910 in New York City; Wilson Howell Lee b. March 16, 1912 in New York City; Richard Henry Lee b. Aug. 21, 1913 in New York City; M. Lee b. Jan. 7, 1918 in New York City; Philip Atkinson Lee b. Oct. 13, 1919 in New York City."

(Not listed is J. B. Lee b. May 30, 1915 in New York City.)

On the second page, it continues:

"Mary Josephine Day and Richard Buffon Lee married in Macon, Georgia on the 2nd day of November, 1876 in the 1st Baptist Church by the Rev. Dr. T.E. Skinner: Mary Josephine Day, eldest daughter of Joseph Day of Tranquilla, Georgia and Mary A. Hampton, daughter of Dr. J. J. Hampton of Richmond District, SC to Richard Buffon Lee, eldest son of Richard Currie Lee and Margaret Malvina Garrett, both of Middlesex Co., VA."

"Agnes Garret Lee, born 1887, died in 1890 at the Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Virginia while our home (838 West Grace St.,) was being remodeled - our first sorrow."

The Richmond Directory of 1889-1890 has Richard B. Lee working at Ryland & Lee Co., and living at: 838 W.Grace St., Richmond, VA. 
Lee, Richard (Wirt) Buffon (I8645)
79 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Richard Currie Lee was born 1819, died at home from wounds incurred during the Civil War fighting for the Confederacy in 1864. Richard Currie Lee married Margaret Malvina Garrett. The minister's return is on file in the county court house of Richmond County. It recites that Richard C. Lee and Margaret Malvina Garrett were married on the 26th Day of Feb., 1852. Pastor Elijah L. Williams.

Richard C. Lee served in the Confederate Army and was invalided home where he died. His wife, Margaret Malvina Lee died from the effect of exposure when the family residence near Saluda, Middlesex Co. burned down in the winter about 1856.

The children of Richard Currie Lee and Margaret Malvina Garrett were:
Richard Buffon Lee , b. 1852, died in1937. (His original given name was Wirt,
afterwards legally changed.) And Jethro Lee, b. 1854 who died at age 16 in 1870.

Richard Buffon Lee attended Richmond College and lived in Richmond, Virginia for about thirty years. In about 190, he moved to Staten Island/New York City with his family then to Pleastonville, Westcherster Co., NY.

On November 2, 1876, he married Mary Joe Porter Day (b. April 8, 1859 and died November 1924) by the Rev. T.E. Skinner, pastor of the Baptist Church in Macon, GA. Richard B. Lee and Mary Joe Day had issue: six children.

Mary Joe Day was daughter of Judge Joseph Day of Marshallville and Macon, Georgia and Mary Ann Hampton. 
Lee, Richard Currie (I8641)
80 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

She died March 23, 1739. Christ Church Register, Middlesex Co., Va. 
Lee, Elizabeth (I8576)
81 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

She died September 5, 1743. Christ Church register. 
Lee, Jane (I8578)
82 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

She never married. 
Montague, Jane Elizabeth (I8732)
83 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The children of Charles and Penelope Lee at the time of his death and who appeared to have left descendants were:

Charles, b. 11/7/1757, Middlesex Co. Marriages 1853-1904. His will in Middlesex County is dated l2/3/l8O6.

Middlesex County Will and Inventories Book 1673-1812, Wills #2 1799-1812, p. 372 (Hopkins, p. 126): Charles Lee... 3 Dec 1806/ 26 Oct 1807... wife Milly Lee. Son Lewis Lee. All my children viz Lewis Lee, Sarah Lee, Henry Lee, Caty Lee, Fannie Lee, (Benjamin Lee listed in Hopkins' list but not Betsy Lee as was in Ronald Currie Lee's notes), Nancy Lee, Charles Lee, Robert Lee, William Lee and Joanna Lee. Exors: Wife and son Lewis Lee. Wit: James Healy Jr. and Churchill Blakey.

According to the Lancaster County records Charles Lee married Mildred Henning of that county 12/19/1782. She was possibly the daughter of Robert and Sarah Henning who was the great granddaughter of Robert Carter (King Carter) of Corotoman. Her will is dated 1828.

The record of the marriages of Charles Lee's children is as follows:
Lewis Lee, No record
Sarah married Robert Barrick on May 13, 1813
Henry - No record
Catherine married Peter Revere on Oct. 23, 1817
Fannie married Richard Faulkner on Jan. 27, 1811
Betsy married Robert Trice on Jan. 3, 1825
Nancy - No record
Charles (A Charles Lee m. Elizabeth Howard 4/15/1815)
Robert - No record
William, No record
Joanna married William George on Oct. 6, l827. Mildred Lee on bond. 
Lee, Charles (I8581)
84 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The Christ Church Register (p. 85) lists the death of an Elizabeth LEE, died July 27 and buried July 27, 1716. This could have been her, or her daughter. 
Elizabeth (I8773)
85 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The date of death of Thomas Warwick is not given but, in the Middlesex County Will Book is the inventory of the estate of Thomas Warwick, dated August 28, 1718, recorded October 7, 1718, presubably this Thomas. " 
Warwick, Thomas (I8788)
86 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The Middlesex County Census of 1820 lists a Robert T. Lee with his occupation as a farmer, and a Robert Lee, occupation farmer, with one white male ahe 26-45 and a female slave age 45 plus, plus two others. 
Lee, Robert (I8756)
87 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The Middlesex County Will Book B 1713-1734, pg. 1 (Hopkins, pg. 54): Will for Thomas Jones...18 Sept 1713/ ________ Son John Jones (under 16). Richard Blackley. Exor: Friend Richard Hill. Wit: Robert Johnson and William Chancelor.

The Middlesex County Will Book B 1713-1734, p. 4, (Hopkins, pg 54): Inventory of Thomas Jones, decd., for Richard Hill, executor, filed Jan. 5, 1713. 
Jones, Thomas (I8780)
88 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The Rev. John Currie Montague was a Baptist minister and lived near Jamaica, Middlesex Co. VA. 
Montague, John Currie (I8673)
89 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

The will of George Lee d. 1757 states that John Jackson was Esther Lee's guardian after his death. 
Lee, Esther (I8528)
90 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

There is a book on Old Homes of Middlesex County Virginia. It mentions a house called "Woodville." According to Mike Marshall of Essex Co., VA. "This house was in the Churchill Blakey family until 1816 when it was sold to Philemon Woodward. In 1853, Woodward sold it to William S. Ware who sold it in 1855 to OBEDIAH W. LEE. After that, the house became known as "Lee's" At Lee's death, Woodville was divided among his heirs, and his widow received as her dower 144 acres including the house and
outbuildings. After her death in 1905, the property was sold to George Northam. The house has since burned. It was close to the Dragon swamp, but can't figure out just where it was." 
Lee, Obediah (I8759)
91 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Thomas Lee inherited an estate from his grandfather, Thomas Lee, and is left twenty shillings by his father. On Jany. 6th. 1725, he married Ann Probart. (Often spelled Proverb, Provert or Probert). She was probably the daughter of William and Hannah Probart. According to his will and Christ Church Register, his children with their birth dates are as follows.

William, b. May 6th. 1727
Thomas, b. Aug. 23rd. 1729
John, b. Feby 26th 1731
Charles, b. July 10th, 1735
Sarah, b. July 7th 1738/9
William, b. May 16th 1742
Ann, b. July 1st 1745

Middlesex County Wills and Inventories: 1673-1812, Will Book B 1713-1734, part 2, pg. 353, (Hopkins, pg. 66): Thomas Lee is mentioned as witness in the will of John Southern... 3 Oct 1726/4 Feb 1728.

Middlesex County Will Book D 1748-1760, p. 285, (Hopkins, pg. 82): Will of Thomas Lee Sr. 3 Nov 1752/ 3 Jul 1753 Sons Thomas Lee and John Lee. Four youngest children: Charles Lee, Sarah Lee, William Lee, and Ann Lee. Exors: Ann Lee and John Lee. Wit: George Lee and James Daniel.


Name: Thomas LEE (2)
Sex: M
Birth: 1704

Norm McHan, 7 January 2001.

Barbara Daniel Pichett, Rappahannock Roots, p. 44b.

Death: 1753

Father: Charles LEE (3) b: 23 MAR 1663/1664
Mother: Dorothy HENRY b: ABT 1683 in Middlesex County, Virginia

Marriage 1 Ann PROBART b: ABT 1703

Married: 6 JAN 1724/1725 in Middlesex County, Virginia


1. Ann LEE b: AFT 1725
2. Sarah LEE (2) b: AFT 1725
3. William LEE b: AFT 1725
4. Thomas LEE (4) b: 1729
5. John LEE (3) b: 1730
6. John LEE (4) b: 1732
7. Charles LEE (6) b: 1735
8. William LEE (2) b: 1742 
Lee, Thomas (I8489)
92 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Thomas, Baptized May 2, 1714 
Warwick, Thomas (I8791)
93 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol XVI 1908: Probert was a family of Welsh origin from Ap Robert
Pg. 69: Among the Sheriffs of Radnorshire
William Probert of Llanddwei, Wales 1675
Henry Probert Esq of Llowes, Wales 1680 Lowes is very near Monnington on Wye, Herefordshire
William Probert Esq of Llanddwei, Wales 1691

There is a pedigree for Probert in Dwinn's Visitation of Wales I p 267
William Probert of Virginia received a legacy of £300 from Elizabeth Gronous for St Clement Danes, daughter and heiress of James Gronous. She was of the Welsh Gronows (Thomas Gronous of London was Sheriff of Radnorshire in 1733).
Baldwell Peyton married Mary daughter of William Probart Esq of Cant Evengewenge. Baldwell was a son of Charles Peyton, younger brother of Major Robert Peyton of Virginia. 
Probart (I8495)
94 (Notes from Pamela Cranston)

William Jones Jr. had land adjacent to William Cheney (Chaney) and Robert James as of 1709. 
Jones, William (I8781)
95 (Research):Ada Adeline Anderson lived her later years with her sister, Neva Belle Anderson Vaupel. At a young age she contracted scarlet fever which left her with the functioning age of about 8 years. She loved embroidering tea towels for family members. (Julie V. Monson, October 2006) Anderson, Ada Adeline (I3188)
96 (Research):Ada Belle is buried at the Gypsum Hill Cemetery in Salina, Saline, Kansas.
Alternate date for death of Ada Belle Beard: 19 Jan 1939. Julie V. Monson cannot find a source for either of the two death dates. (13 Oct 2006) 
Beard, Ada Belle (I3174)
97 (Research):Alice Haskett Baldwin is buried in the Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Salina, Kansas.
Alice moved to Salina, Kansas in 1884, according to her obituary in the Salina Evening Journal, Salina, Kansas, Monday April 20, 1925, page 8. Cause of death: heart failure.

There is no sure source for the name Haskett. Probably Harry F. Vaupel had heard this name as he grew up. JVM 1 Aug 2013. 
Baldwin, Alice Haskett (I720)
98 (Research):David Henry Beard is buried in the Gypsum Hill Cemetery in Salina, Kansas, in a G.A.R. plot.
, 324 North Seventh Street, after being confined to his bed here in 1882. He was a rural mail carrier for 15 years and was a t one time an under sheriff in this county. He enrolled in the Army as a private in company A, 175th regiment of Ohio Volunteers, Infantry, on August 6, 1864, served one year during the Civl War and was discharged from service of the Army on June 27, 1865 at Nashville, Tenn. Mr. Beard was an active member of the John Logan Post G.A.R. of this city and was also a member of the Woodman lodge here. He is survived by his children Grant C. (O.) Beard and Mrs 
Beard, David Henry (I3170)
99 (Research):From Bill Beverly on 3 September 2007:
Jane-anne Vaupel Beverly passed away September 3, 2007 at the age of 88 at her home in Watervliet. She will be buried in Watervliet Township cemetery. She was born in El Reno, Oklahoma, and lived in several locations before her familt student and was named valedictorian of her graduating class of 1,000 at Morgan Park High School. She spent her college freshman year at the University of Chicago where she met her future husband, William Beverly, Jr. She finished her degree in business administration at the University of Minnesota.
She and Bill were married in 1941 and they resided in Coloms home in Ft. Worth, Texas to await the birth of her first child, Bill III. During the war she worked in a defense plant, doing planning for the B-29 and B-36 bombers. Upon Biy moved to Waco, Texas and then in 1953 back to Michigan where her second child, Lisa, was born. She kept books at the Beverly Lumber Company for over 20 years.
She was an accomplished pianist and her playing in the home was the basis for the intense love of music that both her children developed. She was an excellent seamstress and chite Sox, and in her earlier years kept voluminous statistics on all the major league teams as a hobby. She was rarely without a crossword puzzle at hand. She was a bowler, a golfer, and a charter member of the Literary Guild.
She was preceded in death by her husband and is survived by a brother and her children Bill and Lisa, her grandchildren Bill and Tom Beverly, and John and Katie Fitzpatrick. There is one great-grandchild, Olive Beverly.
The family wishes particularly to thank Marie Wade and her family for the excellent, loving care which they provided Bill and Jane-anne in their last years. Contributions in her memory can be made to Community Hospital or the Alzhe 
Vaupel, Jane Anne (I9614)
100 (Research):From Harry Vaupel Jr. on Oct. 10, 2008: Harry heard from someone in the family that Glenn was club-footed. He was a good golfer. When Harry went to Salina on vacation from Chicago (jr. high age) he rode around with Glenn making business calls for the Silver Springs Creamery.

In the 1930 US Census, Salina, Saline, Kansas, District 19, Roll 719, Page 4B, FHL# 2340454, Lines 65-66, Glenn’s occupation is a “butter cutter” at a creamery. 
Anderson, Glenn Harold (I3189)

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