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2001 We have had Samuel in our database for quite a while, without a source. Rather than remove him, I will note that we are still looking for the source. It could be he was added in error. Bishir, Samuel (I667)
2002 We have no evidence that Ralph L. Bishir is the son of Bruce W., however it seems likely. Bishir, Ralph Lloyd (I5819)
2003 We think she died before 1860 since she is not in that census with her family. Brown, Polly A (I10823)
2004 We think Thomas was living with his uncle, Caleb Brown, in 1860. Brown, Thomas (I10825)
2005 Wednesday, October 24, 1900: The infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Frank WALES of near Burton died yesterday. Wales, Mable Amanda (I3676)
2006 What's her correct first name?

Her son, Jacob's, death certificate lists her name as "Loruhama" and she appears as "Rhuhama" in the 1880 census and "Lorahamma" in the 1870 census. Their marriage record says "Ruhanna". The Mary Anna Bishir note lists her name as "Laurahama". On the death certificate for Emma Jerome Bisher Murphy, daughter of Laurahanna (sp?) and Lewis Bishir, her son, Herschel was the informant and spelled his grandmother's name "Laurahanna".

According to Julie Monson, Loruhama’s grand-daughter, Mary Lou Jensen, had interviewed her grandmother many years ago and she said that her mother spelled her name every possible way: Lourahama, Lorahama, Ruhama. Mary Lou suggests it should be as it is in the Bible (Hosea 1:6,8) which is Loruhama. Loruhama had belonged to the Christian church known as the Complite (Complete) Church but she [Mary Anna] didn't
believe in it herself. 
Baker, Loruhama (I732)
2007 Whitney Warner was president of W. H. Warner & Co., the coal firm founded by his father in 1863. He was director of the Warner Collieries, the Morris Plan Bank, and the Cleveland Land & Securities Co. In 1938 he joined North American Coal Corp.
and retired as Chairman of the Board just before his death in 1941.
Mr. Warner was a trustee of the Cleveland Orchestra and University School and held a membership in the Union Club and the Kirtland Country Club.
The family resided in Cleveland Heights. 
Warner, Whitney (I1042)
2008 Widow of James Maverick. Maverick, Esther (I1003)
2009 Widow of Leonidas Erwin. Black, Sarah M. (I2362)
2010 Widow of Peter Dicks. Maddock, Esther (I1945)
2011 Widow of William Reece. James, Mary (I1894)
2012 Widow with three sons by her prior marriage.
Helped operate a school for retarded children. 
Llewellen, Betty (I2410)
2013 Wife of Earl William Bishir (He died Aug. of 1985.) Mother of Mark Bishir, John Bishir, & Randall Bishir. Daughter of the late Charles & Amy Oldham. Sister of Cathryn Strong.

(From obituary provided by Bubby Joe Eggensperger) 
Oldham, Mary Virginia (I1451)
2014 Wife was probably Noreen H. Stoner, died 2 Oct 1994, born 13 Feb 1920. Maiden name possibly Barker. Stoner, Robert A (I10049)
2015 Will of William DHarvey, Howard Co., Mo; notes of M. Chittum Harvey, Charles (I7733)
2016 Will of William Harvey mentioned 3 step children of Jane Givens, widow of Mr.?Marin; Suspect children of William and Jane;?George Given Harvey?Susan Frances Harvey?Louetta - Loretta Catherine Harvey?Mrs. Chittum states dJane widow of |Mr. Moren, children mentioned in Will?of William harvey - Isabella, John, Sarah, Mathew?Pioneer Families of Mo: James Givens of Augusta Co., va Issue:?Robert, Samuel, James Jr., John, Benjamin, and Martha?All settled in Lincoln Co., Ky 1780.?Benjamin md Hannah Riggs of Ky - Howard Co., Mo 1821?John md Martha Robinson of Ky - Issue: James, MSargaret, Samuel, Robert,?Jane,, Alexander R., and Martha.?Martha and Margaret - died single Kentucky?Robert, Jane, Alexander R. md settled in Johnson, Mo?Samuel md Sara S. Organ of Indiana to Mo 1823, 1825 moved to St.?Charles County. Soldier in Black Hawk War, had eight children?IGI - "Jane Morin" md William Harvey - married name listed on marriage rec?Cem Rec Howard Co., Mo Givens, Jane (I7716)
2017 Will of William Harvey, Howard Co; Mar Rec Howard Co; DAR application through?John H. Harvey?1827 - William Harvey of Howard Co so to John Henderson of Madison Co., Ky?240 acres on Paint Lick Creek for 1100., Deed Bk R,/ p. 343.?1813 Muster Roll Cap Dudley Farris of dudleys Militai Reg - Private William?Harvey, possibly william Jr.. Madison Co., Ky Harvey, William Sr. (I7714)
2018 Willard and Margaret were living in Lamar Co., Texas in 1850 and are enumerated between the Wm. H. Brown family and the elderly Joshua Herrington and his wife, Elizabeth. Willard and Margaret Stowell came to El Monte in an 1853 wagon train from Texas. Stowell, Willard (I9822)
2019 Willard appears with his grandparents, J. D. and Sarah Moon, in 1910. He is listed as divorced in 1930. Moon, Willard C. (I3851)
2020 Willard died of consumption. His mother filed in Los Angeles probate court in 1857 that she be named administrator of his estate. She is listed as “Margaret M. Morris, alias Margaret M. Stowell, mother of Willard Stowell, deceased”

Willard’s estate consisted of:

one plain silver watch at $5.00
one double barrell shott gun .. $10.00
one waggon and Harness __ $75.00
one cow and calf $40.00
one two year old heifer $20.00
two yearlings _ _ _ _ _ $15.00
one brindle cow & calf _ _ _ _ _ $15.00
Rent corn now on the farm two hundred
Bushels at 50 c per Bushel _ _ _ $100.00
Stowell, Willard (I9824)
2021 William and Jane made their early home in the Stroup settlement in Dodson Twp., Highland, Ohio. The family was living in Salem, Ohio in 1820 with 5 little girls under the age of 10 and lived in Dodson Twp, Highland Co., Ohio from 1830-1860.

Children are somewhat conjectural. Caroline is highly probable since Jane Knox Spickard ends up living with her after Wm. Spickard dies. Elizabeth lives close to both Caroline and her parents in 1850, and she is born well before any of William’s younger brothers began raising families, and William’s older brother, Thomas, did not have any female children in 1830. 
Spickard, William Warren (I6841)
2022 William and Mary Polly’s marriage record indicates she is the daughter of “John Casaday”. One of the witnesses is Daniel Casaday. Cassady, John (I9046)
2023 William appears as an accountant for a lumber company in Oklahoma City, OK in 1930. William enlisted in the army during WW II on 23 May 1942. Merrion, William Linwood (I5881)
2024 William appears in San Diego (as William S.) with his daughter, Alice, in 1930. Kirby, William F. (I5820)
2025 William appears to have gone by “Fred”. He appears divorced in the 1900 census in Park Co., Montana. A 1903 newspaper indicates that he was killed by David Bruckus near Livingston.

“The case to be tried is that of the state against David E. Brockus, charged with the murder of his employer, Fred Bishir, on Rock Creek last summer. Brockus has been in jail for several months.

He and his wife were employed at the Bishir ranch, and lived in a house by themselves. They did not arise in time one morning, and Bishir sent his young son to the house to get breakfast. There was a clash between Brockus and the boy and the elder Bishir took it up when Brockus appeared outside. The fracas resulted in the death of Bishir from a gunshot wound inflicted, it is alleged, by Brockus. He will claim self-defense.” 
Bisher, William Frederick (I2433)
2026 William B. Bisher is a native of Ohio and was born in the year 1869. His father, Lewis Bisher, was also a native of Ohio and was one of the pioneers of Loup county, Nebraska. Our subject's mother, Sarah (Waits) Bisher, was also a native of Ohio.

When William B. Bisher was ten years old the whole family moved to Indiana, where he was reared on a farm. In 1888 the family came west, settling near to Taylor, the county seat of Loup county, Nebraska. Our subject began working out by the month, continuing to do so for ten years. He worked hard and faithfully to get some money ahead, but his fortune did not grow very rapidly, especially during the depressing times from 1890 to 1896, when he could earn only fifty cents to seventy-five cents per day. In 1900, he located a homestead in the sand hills of Garfield county, where he remained about a year, then purchasing a farm near Burwell, making his headquarters there for six years. In 1906, he bought the farm where he now lives, on section 31, township 21, range 18, and has been devoting his energies to making it one of the model places of the community. He has two hundred and four acres in the place, with about one hundred and twenty acres under cultivation, and has a good house, barns, fences and other improvements. Industry and enterprise have been among his chief characteristics and his well directed efforts have brought him a very comfortable competence. He holds an honorable position in the regard of his fellows.

William B. Bisher was married in 1900 to Miss Kate Woods, whose father, Ross Woods, was one of the first pioneers on the North Loup river - her mother's maiden name was Fanny Olger. Mr. and Mrs. Bisher have six children: Willie, Lilly, Fannie, Mabel, Arthur and a baby, not named.
(Compendium of History Reminiscence & Biography of Western Nebraska)

William Bruce invented a sand trap pat number 195238 filed july 5 1934 serial no. 733932 to keep sand out of ditches and canals. As he lived in the sand hills of Nebraska this must have been important to him. [Bob Mahan]

William served in the Spanish American War. [Karron Miller]

Conflicting information about the location of his birth (Indiana or Ohio?).

Karron Miller has Sarah Waits Bisher's wedding dress and the family bible.

The 1910 census shows an infant, Bethelyn, born about the same time that Johnnie Leo was supposed to have been born. The census indicates that Kate had 7 children all living, so this does not account for Johnnie. Perhaps "Johnnie" and "Bethelyn" are the same child.

The family was living in Taylor, Loup, Nebraska in 1920 and 1930. 
Bisher, William Bruce (I2678)
2027 WILLIAM BISHER, retired farmer, Huntington township, P.O. Huntington Mills, was born April 2, 1821, in Northampton county, and is a son of Samuel and Elizabeth (VanHorn) Bisher, natives of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, respectively, and of German origin. Samuel Bisher was a miller and cooper by occupation, and died in 1877, aged eighty-six years. Our subject, who is the second in a family of ten chidren, eight of whom are now living, was educated in the common schools, and at the age of twenty began life for himself as a farm laborer, which he followed four years. He then engaged as fireman on the Beaver Meadow Railroad, and in six months was promoted to engineer, in which position he served twelve years, and then moved on his farm (having purchased his present property in 1852), and farmed until 1860, when he worked six months on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad as engineer. He then came back to the farm, remaining thereon two years, when he again ran a locomotive for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company for eighteen months, at the end of which time he again returned to his farm, where we now find him. Mr. Bisher was married February 7, 1847, to Editha Trescott, daughter of Enos and Mary (Myers) Trescott, natives of Connecticut and Pennsylvania, respectively, which union was blessed with seven children, viz.: Adelia J. (Mrs. James Meekin, of Wilkes-Barre), born December 18, 1847; Theodocia A. (deceased), born Dec 4, 1849; Chesler I., born February 8, 1852 (married Martha A. Blanchard, and works the farm); Emma E. (deceased), born July 25, 1855; Ellen R. (deceased), born January 20, 1857; Ada E. (deceased), born April 7, 1860; Reader C. (deceased), born June 19, 1862. Mr. and Mrs. Bisher are members of the M.E. Church. He is a Republican, and has held the office of school director, assessor and overseer of the poor. The Bisher farm consists of seventy-three acres, situated one mile north of the Huntington Mills postoffice.
History of Luzerne County, Pa., by H.C. Bradsby, 1893 
Bisher, William (I3559)
2028 William Brown Sr.’s children are conjectural. Caleb is living with the 69 year old William Brown in Lamar in the 1850 census and there is a tax record for Caleb that shows the original grant for his land was to William Brown. William Jr.’s marriage record in Blount Co., Alabama to Eliza Taylor in 1836 shows him as “William Brown Jr.” and William Sr. grants permission for him to marry. We believe one of William Brown Jr.’s children, Thomas, is living with Caleb in 1860 (Wm Sr. is gone by then). Descendants of William and Caleb as well as those descending from Mary Ann Brown of California have autosomal matches to one another.

We believe this WIlliam Brown could have been William R. Brown, who was the first sheriff of Lamar County in February 1841.

Based on autosomal DNA matches and triangulated groups, we think the Browns came from Wilkes Co., North Carolina before moving to Blount Co., Alabama in the 1830s. There are quite a few DNA matches to people who descend from James Brown (b. 1750, d. 1805 in Wilkes Co., NC). The Browns probably came from Pittsylvania Co., Virginia earlier, although some researchers have James Brown born in Holland. 
Brown, William R Sr (I10820)
2029 William F. Lemmons, born in South Carolina, was married in Alabama in 1847 and was farming in Cass Co., Texas by 1850. By 1860 it seems that his first wife had died, he had remarried and he moved his family to Gatesville, Coryell Co., Texas and is listed as a wagon-maker. He appears in the Coryell 1861 tax records as the agent for A. G. Gholson, reporting 2 horses and 60 head of cattle. In March of that year, he appears on the muster roll of Capt. Sam Friend's company of "Minute Men", which was raised to deal with an Indian threat in the area. He left the company in August of 1861 with 21 other militia men "to join other companies of more active service". He appears again in February 1864 in Capt. J. K. Shipman's militia company. The last record for William is a court docket that mentions him as agent for Gholson in 1869. It appears that he died prior to 1870, as his wife, Nancy, has remarried and appears in the 1870 census with her new husband, John Cash, his children, and her children by W. F. Lemmons.

RESEARCH: There is a Sarah J. Mills who married W F Lemmon Jr. in Russell Co., Alabama on 6 May 1847.

There is a biography for William Mars “Bill” Lemmons (1863-1944) in Hamilton, Texas (near Coryell) that mentions that his father, William M. Lemmons died of disease while in the Confederate service. His mother was Sarah Lemmons who received land from her husband’s service in 1881 in Coryell Co. (Rootsweb) We don’t think there is any direct connection to Alice Eudora’s ancestry. 
Jr., William F. Lemmons (I764)
2030 William is listed as single on his death Certificate. The informant is Mrs. Elizabeth Niemann. Fenhoff, William (I2725)
2031 William is listed in 1830 with 2 boys and 3 girls and a wife. (no slaves)

There is a marriage of a William Lee to Susanna Bradley in 1819.

There is a Guardian assignment for Reuben and Sally Lee (over 14 years of age) and Mary, Margaret, Ann, and Elizabeth Lee (under 14 years of age), heirs of William Lee, Deceased, in Feb 1840. They are all assigned to Nathan Bradley as guardian.

We don’t know if this William in the census of 1830 is the same as the one in the marriage or the guardian assignment. 
Lee, William (I7666)
2032 William James Kendall Mills, oldest son of Mary Ann, born 1831 in Williamsburg District, SC, sometime before 1870 brought his wife Nancy Jane (Mitchell) Mills with their children Sophronia, Elam James, William, Jeffy, and Robert from Titus County, TX to join his mother. He served as 3rd Lt. in Bell Rangers. Active infantry of Cavalry, Titus County, in 1861. Mills, William James Kendall (I3500)
2033 William Lee, or Bill as he was called, was the third child of Washington and Amanda Lee. His birth place is in question, was it Missouri, the Oregon Trail, or Oregon Territory? In The Brazen Overlanders of 1845 the Oregon Territory and the Oregon Trail are listed as his possible locations of birth. His birth year of 1846 supports this data since the family probably left Missouri in the spring of 1845 and arrived in Oregon by August. However, often Bill Lee listed his birth place as Missouri.

He lived the first years of his life on the family farm in the Northwest. But his parents soon looked south toward California and moved their young family to Yolo County near Sacramento in time to be counted in the 1860 U. S. Census. After his youngest sisters, Ella and Ada, were born the family packed up and moved southward again. We next find them in the great San Joaquin Valley in Tulare County, California. They are listed in the 1870 census in Farmersville, near Visalia. Bill and his brothers John and Joe worked on their family’s farm, described as “farm laborers” in the census. There is a John Harvey Lee and William Jasper Lee, born in Missouri, listed as farmers in Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co., in the 1879 Great Register of Voters.

Although Bill’s parents Washington and Amanda Lee have not been located in the 1880 census, there is evidence that Bill had returned to Yolo County, California. In the 1880 census we find him living as a single man in Colusa with the John Spurgeon family, listed as a farm hand. There does appear to be a connection between the Spurgeon family and the Lee family in Colusa, so there is a possibility that Bill was living with cousins. He appears in the Great Register of Voters for 1890 in Santa Ynez along with both his brothers.

We next find Bill living in one of the West’s last frontier towns, Calabasas, Los Angeles County, California. His older brother, John, remained in Santa Ynez while his younger brother, Joe and family, had been driven out by the drought and moved south. In the 1900 census Joe and Molly Lee and children are dry farming in Calabasas. Living near them are the Grant, Stokes and Mendenhall families, all of whom would marry into the Lee family. Bill Lee is living alone, head-of-household, next door to the Mendenhalls.

The 1920 census shows Bill living in the household of his nephew, Fred Lee (George Frederick Lee). Fred was the son of Joe and Molly Lee and was married with children. They resided in Los Angeles and the census mistakenly identifies Bill as Fred’s father. In a 2009 phone interview with Fred Lee’s daughter, Verna Lee Cox, she recalled “Uncle Bill” living with them when she was very young.

Ray Mendenhall remembers him as being "old" at 50. He was stooped over from lifting. According to Ray, the three brothers were tumblers in Circus. Bill was the "bottom man" - a brute of a man. He could do the work of two men. Ray said he was a very "fine old man”. He was living with Joe and Pearl Lee in 1910 and lived with Fred and Hazel Lee for a while (in 1920), then he lived in an old red barn on Clinton St. at Hoover in Los Angeles.


A William J. Lee with nearly the right birth information appears in 1880 with the John Spurgeon family in Colusa. Jennie Wright theorizes that Amanda Lee’s sister may have married a Spurgeon and this John is their son.

He left his money to Fred Lee.


7/97 checked ancestral file
1869 Tulare Co., CA (information from the internet GenWeb Site)
Lee, William, Jasper 22/MOFarmersvilleAug 6, 1866(this age is right to Washinton's son)
Lee, William, 38/MOFarmersvilleAug 6, 1866 (maybe William's uncle)
Lee, Washington 56/VAFarmersvilleAug 6, 1866 (William's father?)

This is probably a relative to our William, but I'm listing him here for now.
Tulare Co., CA; Kaweah & Mineal King
Lee,William age 30 Born MO married around 1875?
Levina w age 29 born Iowa
Netta d age 4 born CA
Emma L. d age 3 born CA

1880 CA did not find (7/31/98 State Library)

1900 (7/31/98 State Library)
Lee, William; Los Angeles, Calabasas twp; vol 15; ed 100; sheet 3; line 10
born Oct 1837; age 62 born Oregon (territory)
Living alone

Lee, William BO (brother) Los Angeles; w; age 64; born MO; enumerated with Joseph Lee who is the Head of household and W (Joseph Lee died 1910) (The age & birth place is right for the William Lee I'm looking for.
Need page number so I can view the actual census.

Lee, William J. age 73; born MO; living with George F Lee/ Father (of head of household) ; vol 39; ED 147; sheet; 18; ln 24; Los Angeles city and Los Angeles Co., CA House no 1124

1880 Federal Census
Butte Co.-not found
Sutter Co-not found
Colusa Co-not found
Yolo Co-not found
Monterey Co-not found
Santa Barbara-not found 7/31/98

Lee, William age 81; died in Co 70 (LA); date 5-19-1927; #24083 (this age and death date would make this William Lee born in year 1845-1847, which is right for our "William Lee." 
Lee, William Jasper (I1269)
2034 William ran a hotel for the railroad in 1910, 1920 and 1930. The couple lived on Jefferson St. in Springfield, Ohio. Anderson, William "Billy" (I1610)
2035 William was adopted. They lived in Alturas Twp., Modoc Co., California in 1910. After their divorce, William remarried Flora Jackson who had two children by a previous marriage. Lunsford, William John (I6492)
2036 William was Anna's second marriage. Family F805
2037 William was appointed guardian to his brother, George’s 3 daughters in 1858. Brown, William Jr (I10777)
2038 William was living in Montezuma, Iowa in 1917. Fenner, William Price (I6801)
2039 William was living with his brother, Robert, in 1850 and 1870. Hardesty, William (I6496)
2040 William was living with his mother in 1910 and 1917. He was living in Milo, California in 1917. The family lived in Porterville in 1930. Lee, William Edmond (I7275)
2041 William's wife died before he did. Willett, William W. (I751)
2042 Wilma's obituary was published in the "News-Times" (Newport, Oregon) on December 20, 2006:e

Wilma Henshaw

Wilma Louise Henshaw, 81, of South Beach, died Dec. 15, 2006, in Newport.

She was born June 20, 1925, in Reeds, Mo., to Anna and Arthur Stroup.

She settled in the Albany area in 1941.

She was director of the Simpson Employees Credit Union, and served as treasurer for the Albany First Assembly of God for many years.

She was preceded in death by her husband, James Olaf Randolph, on Aug. 4, 1969.

She settled in South Beach in 1983.

Her second husband, Raleigh Bryce "Jack" Henshaw, preceded her in death on Aug. 28, 1991.

She enjoyed quilting and spending time with her family.

Survivors include three sons, Bill Randolph of Kirkland, Wash., Roger Randolph of Salem, and Gary Randolph of El Paso, Texas; a daughter, Beverly (Randolph) Hill of Lebanon; a sister, Doris Speer of Springfield, Mo.; a brother, William Phipps of St. Louis, Mo.; three stepdaughters, Sandy of Scio, Kathy of Lebanon, and Mickie of Camas, Wash.; a stepson, Raleigh Henshaw of Lebanon; 19 grandchildren; and 19 great-grandchildren.

Viewing will take place from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. followed by a funeral service at 11 a.m. today (Wednesday) at AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home, 805 Ellsworth St. SW, Albany. Interment will follow at Willamette Memorial Park.

The family suggests memorial contributions to Samaritan's Purse International Christian Relief, PO Box 3000, Boone, N.C. 28607; or Northwest University, 5520 108th Ave. NE, Kirkland, Wash. 98033.

Another obituary was published in the "Albany Democrat-Herald" (Albany, Oregon) on Monday, December 18, 2006:f

Wilma Louise (Randolph) Henshaw
June 20, 1925 -- Dec. 15, 2006

Wilma Louise (Randolph) Henshaw, 81, of South Beach died Friday in Newport.

Wilma was born in Reeds, Mo., the daughter of Arthur and Anna Stroup.

She moved to the Albany area in 1941, living there until moving to South Beach Oregon in 1983.

Wilma was married to James Olaf Randolph, who preceded her in death on Aug. 4, 1969.

She later married Raleigh Bryce "Jack" Henshaw, who preceded her in death Aug. 28, 1991.

Wilma served many years as treasurer of Albany First Assembly of God and as director of the Simpson Employees Credit Union. Her love for people made her successful in both. Wilma loved her Lord, her church, her family and making beautiful quilts.

She is survived by sister Doris Speer of Springfield, Mo.; brother William Phipps of St. Louis, Mo.; sons Bill of Kirkland, Wash., Roger of Salem and Gary of El Paso, Texas; daughter Beverly Hill of Lebanon; Jack“s children, Sandy of Scio, Kathy of Lebanon, Mickie of Camas, Wash., and Raleigh of Lebanon; 19 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren.

Viewing will be from 1 to 7 p.m. Tuesday and 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wednesday at AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home. The funeral service will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday. Burial will follow at Willamette Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to Samaritan“s Purse International Christian Relief or Northwest University in Kirkland in care of AAsum-Dufour Funeral Home ( 
Stroup, Wilma Louise (I5045)
2043 Wilmington New-Journal, 10 Nov 1960, Thu, Page 11

Mr. and Mrs. Norval Floyd of Wilmington accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Blanche Floyd, called Sunday on the following: Mrs. Gladys Lupp, who is confined to her bed at her home in Dayton; Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Floyd in Springfield and Mrs. Harley Marshall of Xenia. 
Moore, Blanche (I7148)
2044 Wilmington News-Journal (Wilmington, Ohio) - Wed, Oct 29, 1879


A little boy by the name of Page fell off a load of pumpkins at the residence of the late Robt. Hardesty, one day last week, and before the horses could be checked, a wheel passed over his head killing him instantly.”

According to Miram Whitehead, Maria and family lived in Clinton Co., OH after James died in the Civil War. She had property in Greene Twp., which she sold in 1870 and moved to Grant Co., IN. She is in the Census there in 1880 (ill of fever). 
Hardesty, Maria (I9921)
2045 Winterset Madisonian-Winterset, Iowa
June 15, 1933

Mary A. Bishir

Mary A. McKibban, daughter of Gideon and Ruth McKibban was born October 9, 1851 in Pike county, Ohio. She came to Iowa with her parents, when a small girl and has spent most of her life in and near Winterset.

She was married to H. L. Bishir November 8, 1875 and to this union one son was born, William C. Bishar, who died in Yakima, Washington in 1923. She united with the Baptist church at an early age. Her home meant more to her than the outside activities of life.

After an illness of five weeks at her home in Winterset, Mrs. Bishir passed away early Wednesday morning, June 7th at the age of 82 years. She leaves to mourn her absence two nieces, Mrs. Harry Frey of Earlham and Mrs. Rex Kibbe of Poplar, Montana and five nephews, Ralph and Gideon Cook of Des Moines, Arthur Cook of Earlham, Lloyd McKibban of Cedar Falls and Milo McKibban of California and a cousin, Mrs. Abner Black of Winterset and a number of neighbors and friends.

The services were conducted Thursday at 2 o'clock at the Tidrick Funeral home by the Rev. Fred Madson, pastor of the Winterset Baptist church. 
McKibbon, Mary Ann (I2438)
2046 With his wife and several small children, Christopher Bishir set out from Westmoreland Co., PA in 1805 for Ohio. They stopped around 1810 in Campbell Co., Kentucky, where their youngest son, Jonathan, was born and then stayed for a time at the mouth of the Crawfish River, near present-day Cincinnati, and Warren Co., Ohio in the early 1820s before moving to Highland Co. in the late 1820s. In 1833, they moved into a wilderness cabin on the east side of the road to Allensburg. Their home on the Bradford Survey was No. 917 and was one mile south of Lynchburg.

It has come down in the family (from several directions) that Christopher's ancestry is of Alsace-Lorraine. Also, a family bible indicates that he served in the War of 1812, although no military record has been found to corroborate this.

Our list of Chrisopher’s children is somewhat conjectural, however only John, Simeon and Jeremiah are not specifically mentioned either in a family bible or the Ayers and Klise biographies. Because Jacob and John married sisters (Elizabeth and Angelina Coddington), John’s connection to the family seems probable. Jacob sold land to Jeremiah in 1826 and Jeremiah appears in the Warren Co. tax rolls, along with John (and a Frederick Bysher) as late as 1832. (We infer from this that Jeremiah continued to own property in Ohio subsequent to his move to Indiana.) Y-DNA tests have also proved that descendants of Jeremiah, Simeon and Jonathan share a common paternal ancestor. Based on these considerations, it seems highly likely that all of the Bishirs in the Warren Co. records during the 1820s were closely related as was Simeon, and probably all are Christopher’s children.


We have found the following information on people who may be connected to our Christopher Bishir. (Arranged chronologically):

--- 1710 ---
Johan Beyscher, 1710, New York, New York, Wife & 4 children. From Some Residents of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y., 1816-1823, by Gail Breitbard, 1985.

--- 1716 ---
There is a Hans Jacob Basehore (or Boeshaar) naturalized in New York 31 Jan 1716. He was a cooper (maker or repairer of barrels and casks). Hans Jacob Böshaar is also called Jacob Böshaar (Hunter List Nbr 72) and John Jacob Böshaar (Hunter List 73). Born 1647 in Zweibrücken, Rheinland-Pfalz. In NY, the Palatines were expected to work for the British authorities, producing naval stores (tar and pitch) for the navy in return for their passage to NY. They were also expected to act as a buffer between the French and Natives on the northern frontier and the English colonies to the south and east. He died before 6 Dec 1719 in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY.

--- 1720 ---
There is a family of French Huegenots whose earliest ancestor was Jacque Milne La Baisseuir. They immigrated to Pennsylvania about 1720. More about them in our database.

--- 1732, 1733 ---
From: Joan Benton
Copied from a passenger list of immigrants from the Palatinates:

Christophel Beser arr U.S. 11 Oct 1732. Palatines imported in ship "Pleasant" from Rotterdam. J. Morris, master.

Christian Bausser, 29 Sep 1733 from Palatines. Left on ship "Pink Mary" of Dublin. Boarded in Rotterdam. James Benn, ship's master.

--- 1735 ---
Jacob Beshar appears in Pennsylvania Foreign Oaths of Allegiance as follows:
Name: Jacob Beshar,
Date: MAY 29, 1735

--- 1739 ---
Benedict Bisser arr 3 Sep 1739 on ship "Friendship." Wm. Vittery, master.

--- 1709 ---
In the 1709 Landschreibereirechnun (LA Speyer, B 3, 449) it was noted that "the cooper Boshaar of this place (Zweibrucken) who has moved to America has to pay (the 10% tax on exported goods) according to ths specification approved by the Court (2fl-10bz-8d).

--- 1710-1713, 1723, 1739, 1749 ---
From Israel Rupp’s “A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776, with a Statement of the Names of Ships, Whence they Sailed….”.

p. 467: “Names of Early settlers in Tulpehocken, Berks and Lebanon Counties: As early as 1723, 33 families of Germans, who came to New York in 1710, settled in Schoharie 1713, left there and located on Tulpehocken Creek; among these were:” Christoph Besher.

p. 135: “Sept 3, 1739 - Palatines imported in the ship Robert and Alice, Walter Goodman, Commander, from Rotterdam, last from Deal - 78 men, 57 women, and 88 children - in all 213” including Benedict Bisser.

p. 205: “Sept 15, 1749 - foreigners from Zweibrucken, Nassau, Wirtemberg, and Palatinate - Ship Phoenix, John Mason, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes - 550 passengers” including Sebastian Bissahr.

--- 1748 ---
A ship’s manefest includes Sigfried Matthes Bescher: Arrived 15 Sep 1748 in Philadelphia, Ship’s name Judith, Captain James Talt, From Rotterdam by way of Cowes.

--- 1759 ---
According to various family records (bible etc.) Christopher Bishir was born 25 December 1759. His birth location is not always given. Mary Ann Garman’s genealogy and the Christopher Bishir Jr. bible lists Alsace-Lorraine.

--- 1761 ---
A Matthias Bysher was naturalized in Pennsylvania 10 Sep. 1761. He was from York County.

--- 1768 ---
From First Reformed Church of Easton, PA church records: 1768. January 31. A child was baptized named Christian. Born Dec. 26, 1767. Parents, Jacob Beisher and his wife Anna Elizabetha. Sponsors, Christian Best and Mrs. Elizabeth Brotzman. [from “Some First Settlers of the Forks of the Delaware and Their ...”

--- 1778 ---
A Jacob Bisher is listed as having taken the Oath Of Allegiance to the State of Pennsylvania in Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., on November 3rd, 1778.

--- 1780/82 ---
A John Nichman appears in U.S. Tax and Exoneration Lists for Reading Twp., York Co., PA.

--- 1785 ---
Catherine Mickley is born, who later marries a Jacob Beisher. She died in Bedminster, Bucks Co., PA in 1864. (

--- 1786 ---
Came into court Frederick Jacob Beisher aged Sixteen Years and upwards one of the orphaned minor children of Jacob Beisher late of Warrington Township [York Co.] deceased, and prayed to be permitted to choose a Guardian to take care of his person and Estate and being asked by the court choses John Nitchman of the Township aforesaid to be his guardian. [York Co. PA Orphans Court records, Book F, 22 March 1786]

--- 1789 ---
There is a Christian Pysher listed in 1789 in the Monaghan Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania Tax and Exoneration records (1768-1801).

--- 1790 ---
A Jno Bisher (Besher?) appears in the 1790 census for Cadoris Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania with a wife and no children.

A daughter of Johannes Bentz (1744-1804) of West Manchester & Dover Twps., York Co., PA married ______ Beisher, probably around 1790. Johannes’s daughters were Mary, Elizabeth, Susan and Caty. [Early German Settlers of York County Pennsylvania, Keith A. Dull, VCGS Library]

--- 1793 ---
On the 7th day of August 1798 Christian Beusher was duly affirmed before me deposing that about February in the year 1778 he saw John Nitchman pay unto George Schweyer of Northumberland County the Sum of Twenty four pounds of Money in discharge of a Note given by Nitchman to Shweyer for an horse purchased of Schweyer. Coram Jno. Moris Noty Publick. [Notary Docket of John Morris, Esquire of Borough of York, York County, PA 1792-1809, Family History Library] Note reference to John Nitchman in 1786 above with the Beisher spelling.

--- 1795 ---
Christian Bisher is listed in 1795 tax records, Monaghan Twp., York Co., 25 acres, 1 horned cattle, 1 horse, value 12 pounds, tax 1 pound, 2 shillings. [from index card in Bisher Family File at York Co. PA Heritage Center, York, PA]

--- Oct 1796 --- Jacob Bishir born

--- 1796 ---
A Christopher Bisher is listed as a patron of Dill’s Tavern in 1796, in Monaghan Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania.

--- JUL 1798 --- John Bishir born

--- 1798 ---
Christian Buysher appears in the Pennsylvania, U.S. Direct Tax Lists, October 1798, Monaughan Twp., York Co as leasing land to Nicholas F. Shittow. He is also listed as owning land on which he lives there in the same year under the name Christ’n Buysher. John Nichman also appears in the direct tax lists for Monaughan (see 1786 entry for Nitchman).

Christopher Beysher and Hannah Beysher are each listed in the York Co, Pennsylvania Clerk of Courts Quarter Session Dockets for September 1798 with criminal cases and a charge of Larceny. Book 1794-1799, Page 233, 236, 238. Christopher is listed along with Sebastian Hounshell - both posted a bond.

John Besher is listed in Straban, York Co., Pennsylvania in the U.S. Direct Tax Lists, 1798.

--- JUN 1800 --- Jeremiah born, York Co., PA

--- 1800 ---
A Christian Bisher also appears in the 1800 census for Monaughan, York, Pennsylvania. There are 3 males under 10 (Jacob 4, John 2 and Jeremiah 0?), a male 26 to 44 (Christopher would be about 41), 3 females under 10, and a female 45 and over (wife?).

He is also in the Pennyslvania, Septennial Census 1779-1863 as Christian Bishar.

--- 1804 ---
A will was proven in Washington Twp., York Co., PA for John Pentz. His granddaughter is listed at Betsy Beisher. [York County, Penn. Wills, 1749-1819, Ancestry] John Pentz was buried in the Asper Buring Ground, Dillsburg, York Co., PA (Monaghan Twp.) [Early German Settlers of York County, pp. 177-178, thanks Bob Signaigo!] gives more details. Bentz, Johannes, b. 14 Jan 1744. Married Philibina, daughter of Andreas Palli, 10 Jan 1769 at STR. Will written 4 Aug 1804 and probated 20 Oct 1804. One daughter married Beisher, Mary, John, George, Elizabeth, Henry, Jacob, Susan, Caty, David.

--- 1805 --- Christopher Bishir, Jr. born, Westmoreland Co., PA

--- 1806 ---
Francis Bitner, born 24 Dec 1806, baptised 17 May 1807, York, York, PA. Father: Joh Bisher, Mother: Elis Bisher. Trinity United Church of Christ.

--- 1808 ---
Elizabeth Beisher (Betsy?) of Washington Twp., York Co., PA assigned to Abramham Smith of that township as her guardian.

--- 1809 ---
Orphan’s Court, York Co., PA, 14 Feb 1809, The petition of Elizabeth Besheir aged seventeen years daughter of Frederick Besheir deceased, was read praying to be permitted to choose a guardian in the room of Abraham Smith who diclined serving, and named John Nitchman. Whereupon the court appoint the said John Nitchman guardian of the person and estate of said Elizabeth, in the room of said Abraham Smith.

--- 1811 --- Jonathan Bishir born, Newport, Cambell Co., Kentucky

--- 1810, 1811, 1812, 1813 ---
Campbell Co., Kentucky
Cristly Bysher appears in the 1810 census in Campbell Co., Kentucky with 3 males under 10 (Christopher Jr 5, Jeremiah 10), 2 males 10-15 (John 12, Jacob 14), and one male 45 and over (Christopher was 51), 3 females under 10 (Mary? and ?? and ??), 1 female 10-15 (Elizabeth?), 1 female 16-25 (Margaret?), and one female 45 and over (wife?).

Campbell Co., KY Tax Records
(No Bishirs found 1805-1809)
1810 (Tax Records missing)
1811 BYSHAW, Crisby, leasing on Ohio River, 2 males over 21, 4 horses
1811 BISHARE, Zachariah, leasing on 4 Mile Creek, 1 male over 21, 3 horses
1812 BYSHERE, Cristey owns 153 acres on 4 Mile Creek, 1 male over 21, 6 horses
1812 (Zachariah not found)
1813 BYSHERE, Crisley owns 153 acres on Licking Creek, 1 male over 21, 6 horses
1813 BASHEARE, Zacharia leasing on Bank Lick, 1 male over 21, 2 horses
(No Bishirs found 1814-1830)

There doesn’t appear to be a slot for Zachariah in Christopher’s household in the 1810 census, so he may have been a cousin, nephew or part of an unrelated family.

Other than these references, a professional genealogist we hired was unable to find any other records for the family in Campbell Co., Kentucky. She searched: Campbell County Deed Index, Campbell County Deed Books B – E, 1798-1821, Campbell County Will Abstracts, Bk. A, 1795-1822, Early Campbell County Land Patents & Boundaries, Campbell County Court Order Books A – B, 1791-1822, History of 4-Mile, Campbell, KY, KY Obituaries, 1787-1854, Family Files.

--- 1812 ---
A Jacob Beisher served as a private in the War of 1812, 1 Battalion Riflemen (Uhle’s), Pennsylvania Vols.

--- 1816 ---
Hamilton County, Ohio:
10 Sep 1816 - Bill of Sale in which Crisley Bisheer, of Springfield Twp., Hamilton Co. OH, sells “all and singular” his property to Jacob Bisher for $800. The agreement is signed “in Dutch” (probably old German script). Chrisley was leasing land from Ziba Stibbens.

--- 1818 ---
Simeon Jacob Beishir born (date approximate) - probably in or near Cincinnati, Ohio.

--- 1820 ---
We have not been able to locate Christopher Bishir in the 1820 census. In addition to using indicies, we searched the Warren County 1820 Census page by page for the following townships:

Ohio, Warren Co., Clear Creek (12 pages)
Ohio, Warren Co., Deerfield (9 pages)
B. Basore (p. 7)
Ohio, Warren Co., Franklin (13 pages)
Ohio, Warren Co., Hamilton (7 pages)
Ohio, Warren Co., Lebanon (6 pages)
Ohio, Warren Co., Salem (7 pages)
Ohio, Warren Co., Shakers (1)
Ohio, Warren Co., Springboro (2 pages)

Ohio, Hamilton Co., Columbiana (12 pages)
Ohio, Hamilton Co., Springfield Twp. (13 pages)
John Barshar

(There appear to be townships missing from the census images.)

It seems likely that at least Jacob was still in Hamilton County in 1820 - see land purchase below.

--- 1820 ---
Mary BARSHEAR married Stephen WARD, 24 August 1820, Warren Co., Ohio. Could she be another daughter of Christopher Bishir?

--- 1820 ---
August, 1820. Lawsuit filed by Chrisly Byshar against Patrick Shaw for libel over his accusation that Byshar stole his valuable knife. Later judgement found that Byshar did, in fact, steal the knife.

November 1820, Charges filed against Samuel Hall (Hale) in the Warren Co., OH Court of Common Please for assault and battery on Hannah Bysher.

--- 1822 ---
A Margaret Barshear married John Lakin on 31 January 1822 in Ohio Twp., Cleremont Co., Ohio. She and her husband appear together in the 1850 census in Monroe Twp., Cleremont Co., OH. She was born about 1790 in Pennsylvania, he was born about 1797 in Kentucky. This makes her 28 years old when married. She is a bit old to be Christly’s daughter (the oldest son we know about was born in 1794). But she could be his or Frederick’s daugther or her age in 1850 could be a bit off.

--- 1824, 1827 ---
York Co., PA. [Poor Children on Tax Lists 1811-1844, 974.84 B4S No35, thanks Bob Signaigo!] p. 36, 1824, Frederick Beisher, George 11, Hanah 8, Harriet 6 (x-out); p. 37, 1827, Frederick Bisher, Hannah 11, Harriet 8.

--- 1821-1832 ---
Warren County, Ohio:
1 March 1821 Marriage of Jacob Bysow & Elisabeth Codington.
6 August 1821 Jacob Bishaw purchases land in Warren Co., OH
Jacob is listed as “of Hamilton County Ohio”
18 Oct 1821 Marriage of Elizabeth Byshear & Chas. Thompson
25 Feb 1826 Jacob sells land to Jeremiah
Jacob is listed as “of Highland County Ohio”
14 March 1826 Marriage of John Byshar & Angelina Coddington
1826 Jeremiah Byshear, duplicate tax rolls
1 Nov 1827 Marriage of Jeremiah Byshar & Hester Millet
1827 Jeremiah Bishir purchases land in Warren Co., OH
1827 Jeremiah Bysher/Bisher in Tax lists, Deerfield Twp.
1827 Jeremiah Bisher property tax rolls
1827 Jeremiah Bysher, duplicate tax rolls
1828 Jeremiah Bisher, duplicate tax rolls
1830 Jeremiah Byshar/Bisher tax rolls
1830 Jeremiah Bisher sells land in Warren Co., OH
1831 Frederick Bishir, duplicate tax rolls
1831 Jeremiah Bishir, duplicate tax rolls
1832 Jeremiah Bisher property tax rolls
1832 Frederick Bysher tax rolls
1832 John Bysher tax rolls

--- 1822-1830 ---
Highland County, Ohio:
1822 Crisly Bishar, Jacob Bishar, Union Twp. Tax Rolls
1823 Chrisly Bisher, Jacob Bisher, Union Twp., Tax Rolls
1824 Chrisly Bisher, Jacob Bishar, Union Twp., Tax Rolls
1826 Christopher Bisher Tax Rolls, Union Twp.
March 1827 Christopher Bishir Jr. m. Susannah Hart
29 Jan 1828 Christopher Bisher land purchase (Sr or Jr?)
1828 Jacob Bisher land purchase, 105A.

The Bishirs appear in the tax rolls from 1830 on.

Christopher (Sr?) appears 1830-1832 in Liberty Twp.
Chrisopher (Jr?) appears 1836-1860 in Dodson Twp.
Jacob appears 1835-1860 in Liberty Twp.
John appears 1834 and 1835 in Dodson Twp.

--- 1830 ---
1830 Census:

Christopher Bishire - Union Twp., Highland Co., OH. 2 males under 5 (Andrew James and John Henry), 1 male 15-19 (brother Jonathan?), 1 male 20-29 (Christopher Bishir Jr.), 1 female 20-29 (Susannah Hart Bishir).

Frederick Bershir - Deerfield Twp., Warren Co., OH. 1 male 60-69 Frederick), 1 female 5-9, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 10-14, 1 female 15-19, 1 female 40-49.

John Bishere - Liberty Twp., Highland Co., OH. 1 male under 5 (Joseph), 1 male 30-39 (John), 1 female under 5 (Hannah), 1 female 30-39 (Angelina Coddington Bishir).

Jacob Bishere - Union Twp., Highland Co., OH. 1 male 5-9 (Samuel), 1 male 30-39 (Jacob), 1 male 60-69 (Christopher Sr.?), 1 female under 5 (Louisa), 1 female 5-9 (Sarah), 1 female 30-39 (Elizabeth Coddington Bishir).

Jeremiah Bishere - Fairfield Twp., Tippecanoe Co., IN. 2 males under 5 (Miles and ???), 1 male 30-39 (Jeremiah), 1 female 30-39 (Ester).

--- 1831 ---
A Jacob Bysher appears in the 1831 Cincinnati Directory, page 28: “Bysher, Jacob (Laborer) James Bryant, Board, Cincinnati, Ohio (Male)”

--- 1840 ---
Crisley does not appear in the households of Jacob, Chrisotpher Jr., or Jonathan in Highland Co., Ohio in the 1840 census, nor is he with Jeremiah. There are TWO Johns (Bisher and Bysher) in Hanover, Shelby Co., Indiana in 1840 (on the same census page with John and Ezra Coddington). Both have a 60-70 year old man living with them (Crisley would have been 81 by 1840). The man could not be John’s father-in-law since he died in 1833. One of the Johns is 30-40 and the other is 40-50 (John was 42 in 1840). Who is the other John? Where is Crisley? Is one of the elderly men Frederick and/or Chrisley? A Christian Bicher (age 15-19) is listed with an older female (40-49) in the 1840 census for Cincinnati, Ohio. He is to young to be Jacob Simeon and she seems to young to be Hannah.

--- 1847 ---
According to Mary Ann Garman and the Jacob Bishir family bible, Christopher Bishir died 2 April 1847 near Hillsboro, Highland Co., OH.


-------- LOOSE ENDS ----------

Frederick Bishir

A Frederick Bishir appears on the tax lists for Warren Co., Ohio with the other Bishirs. Frederick also appears in the 1830 census for Warren Co., Ohio with a much younger wife and four daughters. He is between 60 and 70 at that time, so perhaps he was Christopher Sr’s younger brother. We can’t find him in 1840 - he may have died and his wife remarried. Frederick last appears in the 1832 tax rolls and that is the year John and Jeremiah did as well - and moved to Indiana. Frederick probably moved to Indiana with them. It is interesting to note that Frederick appears with John and Jeremiah in Warren Co. records, but does not appear in Highland Co. records at all. Could he be the elderly fellow with John in Shelby Co., Indiana. Could Frederick be John and Jeremiah’s father, not Christly?

There is also a Frederick Bisher in Cocalico, Lancaster, Pa in the 1810 census. And there is the Jacob Frederick Beisher, age “16 and upwards” in Warrington Twp, York Co., PA in 1786 whose father, Jacob Beisher, had died and he was assigned to a guardian (see above). Could Jacob Beisher be the father of both Chrisly and Frederick?

Zachariah Bishare/Basheare

Zachariah appears with Christopher Bishir in the tax rolls in 1811 and 1813 for Campbell Co., Kentucky in the same township (4 mile creek). He does not appear in the 1810 census with Christopher. Small DNA matches to folks who have a Zachariah Broshar/Brashears family of Prince George, Maryland and other locations include Karen Graham & Vicky Bell. There seem to be connections to this family in Indiana and Maryland and possibly Quebec (descendants of Benoit Brasseur).

Hannah Bisher and the Laman family

In a letter to J. Benson Bishir in 1953, Mary Anna (Bishir) Garman, the preeminent Bishir researcher of the mid-20th century, said she had a photo of “Aunt Hannah” and thought she might be another child of Christopher’s. As mentioned earlier, Christopher Beysher and Hannah Beysher are each listed in the York Co, Pennsylvania Clerk of Courts Quarter Session Dockets for September 1798 with criminal cases and a charge of Larceny. And there is a Hannah Bisher in the 1836-37 Cincinnati City Directory Page 20: “Bisher, Hannah, Mrs.) Race bw Canal and 12th, Cincinnati, Ohio (Female)”.

There is a marriage record in St. Louis, Missouri in 1879 for a Simeon Beishier and Margaret Stevens (nee Wilkerson) that lists Simeon’s parents as Christopher Beishier and Hanora Laman. Simeon was born 1818 in Ohio, appears in an 1840 Cincinnati city directory, and his descendents claim his family was from Alsace-Lorraine and that they were barrel makers. If the Hannah Beysher listed in the 1798 criminal case is the same person as Hanora in the 1879 marriage record, she could be the mother of all of Christopher’s children, including Simeon Beisheir. DNA (see below) has confirmed his connection to the family.

There is a Peter Laman on the tax lists of 1798 in Mongahan Twp., York Co., Pennsylvania. Also, C. Bishir appears as a witness on a will for Jacob Laman (d. 1852), proven in Highland Co., Ohio on Feb 19, 1858. Jacob Layman was a German Baptist preacher, who was active in Clinton, Brown, Highland and Clermont Counties in Ohio. He came from Tennessee to Ohio. (RootsWeb)

There is a baptism for a Hannah Lemon 19 May 1776, Reform Record Church of Adams Co., PA. Hannah, daughter of William Lemon and Susanna, sponsors. [Pennsylvania, Church Records - Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881,] However, some trees on Ancestry have her marrying a man named Grapes, but they show her born in Virginia which doesn’t tally with the baptism and there is a marrage for a Grapes in Frederick Co., VA. One person with such a tree has a DNA match to a Bishir descendant, so who knows?

Grandma Luce

Also, “Grandma Luce” might be another daughter. This seemed likely since there were 5 female children living with Crisley’s family in 1810 and we have only been able to (probably) indentify two, Mary and Elizabeth. Further research indicates that Margaret Coddington (sister of Elizabeth and Angelina) had a daughter, Sarah (b. 1824, Warren Co. Ohio), who married Solon Luce. She may have been “Grandma Luce”.

Canadian Pyshers

There is a Zachariah Pysher living in Louth, Lincoln, Canada (near Buffalo, NY) who was born in 1791 in the US. Also, a Frederick Pysher, born in Pennsylvania, is listed on his daughter’s death certificate there. Could Frederick and Zachariah have moved to Canada in the 1830s? If so, how did Frederick have a daughter who was born in 1835 in Pennsylvania?

Christian Bisher and Nancy Martin

There is a marriage between Christian Bisher and Nancy Martin in Clinton County, Ohio on 26 January 1836. We have been able to trace three potential candidates for children of this union: James Barshear/Byshire/etc. - b. 1838 (who may, instead, be Jonathan Bishir’s son); Sarah E. Bysher - b. 1840 (married John D. Moon); Catherine - b. 1842. Could this be a late marriage for Christly? All three of these “children” are living with other familes in the 1850 and 1860 censuses, which might indicate that Christian and Nancy were both dead by then. We have scoured the Clinton County probate records but can find no sign of them or of Martins that are obviously related.

It is also possible (and perhaps more likely) that Christian was the father of Jacob Bisher of Madison Co., Ohio who could have been Sarah’s brother (they were in close proximity in the census). If so, Jacob’s being born in Bavaria in 1831 and Sarah in Ohio in 1840 would indicate that Christian emigrated from Germany in the early 1830s and married Nancy Martin in 1836.

DNA Analysis

Y-DNA analysis:

Thor Bisher, a descendant of Jonathan Bishir, and Rob Bishir, a descendant of Jeremiah Bishir, have tested Y-DNA 43 markers (at and match with a genetic distance of 2. Mike Beishir, a descendant of Simeon Beishir, has a Y-DNA 37 match (genetic distance 4) to Thor Bisher. This would prove that there is a paternal genetic connection between these three branches of the Bishir family.

Autosomal DNA analysis:

There was a DNA circle for Christopher Bishir Sr on that contained:

sherricow - descendant of Jacob Bishir
bkime421 - descendant of Jacob Bishir
rdhook1 - descendant of Jeremiah Bishir
B.W. (Bill Whirl) - descendant of Jacob Bishir
Carley Worth - descendant of Jonathan Bishir
JoanBe - descendant of Jeremiah Bishir
LGilmore - descendant of John Bishir
Kathleen Beishir Signiago - descendant of Simeon Bishir

Other Bishir descendants not yet in the circle (probably because of the lack of a public tree on Ancestry or differences in spelling or dates):

Diane Varela - descendant of Simeon Bishir
55Koi - descendant of Simeon Bishir
Martha Ninneman - descendant of Maj. Christopher Bishir, Jr.

Kathleen has a match to sherricow and to LGilmore. LGilmore matches Carley also. LGilmore and Kathleen both match 55Koi. Kathleen matches a cousin, Diane Varela, who shares a match with Kathleen and Carley named JoanBe.

This “web” of Bishir matches would seem to greatly strengthen the case that Simeon is the youngest son of Christopher Bishir Sr. and that his wife was Hannorah Laman.

Carley Bisher Worth (
Updated 13 July 2019 
Bishir, Christopher (I664)
2047 with Sarah and John Fradenburgh in 1920 Midland Michigan census. I have image copied. See John and Sarah Fradenburg.

With William and Zetta Fradenburg in 1930 Midland Co. Michigan Census. See them for info. 
Gillam, Thomas Eli (I4337)
2048 Worked in timber. Lived in Halfway, Oregon. Bisher, Alvia (I3639)
2049 Worked on power lines. Lost his right arm below the elbow. Attended Northwestern College of Law in Portland, Oregon, graduating in 1917/18. Later became an attorney in Los Angeles, California. His office was in the Spring Street Arcade building in downtown Los Angeles. He lived at 1651 Oakknoll Ave. in San Marino, California. He retired to Paradise, California. Bisher, Jr. John Lowell (I3807)
2050 World War I veteran. Mendenhall, Paul Robinson (I2339)

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