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1901 They lived in Muskatine, Iowa. Bodman, ? (I9493)
1902 They lived in New York in 1942. Knauft (I6375)
1903 They lived in Pineville, North Carolina. Mendenhall, Mary Ann Alice (I2336)
1904 They lived in Prospect Twp., Marion Co., Ohio in 1910. Miller, William D (I5752)
1905 They lived in Reno Co., Kansas in 1885 and Washington Co., Kansas in 1895. Bishir, William G (I3921)
1906 They lived in Rochester, Indiana in 1957. Saltsgiver, James (I7046)
1907 They lived in Salem Twp., Highland Co., in 1830. 1840 census lists a 15-20 year-old male and a 20-25 year old male along with Rudolph and Elizabeth. Lived in Dodson Twp., Highland Co., Ohio in 1850. Barrow, Rudolph (I6937)
1908 They lived in Salt Pond Twp., Saline, Missouri in 1900. Allen, John W. (I8848)
1909 They lived in Salt Pond, Saline, MIssouri in 1910, 1917, 1920, and 1930. Allen, Charles Otis (I8858)
1910 They lived in Salt Pond, Saline, Missouri in 1930 and in Independence, Missouri in 1935. Hemme, Leonard Julius (I8855)
1911 They lived in San Diego, California in 1955. Bowman, Daniel (I3278)
1912 They lived in Seattle, Washington in 1920 and 1930. Osborn, Richard Earl (I6019)
1913 They lived in St. Louis in 1870 and 1880. His age was given as 51 when he died. He is listed as 29 in his 1863 draft registration. Sutton, Benjamin (I9898)
1914 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5786)
1915 They lived in Union Twp., White Co., Indiana in 1880. Stoner, Frederick (I3946)
1916 They lived in Wilmington, Ohio in 1942. Shoemaker (I6374)
1917 They lived on the south side of Big Long Creek in Lincoln Co., North Carolina, about three miles southwest of Dallas, NC. Rudisill, Jacob (I2250)
1918 They lived with his parents in Van Buren Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio in 1930. Lived in Dayton, Ohio in 1943. They had 4 children. Bishir, Mary Louise (I3422)
1919 They moved to Fannin Co., Georgia. Davis, John (I2405)
1920 They settled in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania at a very early period, being one of the pioneer families who were subjected to the hardships of those early times. The family is in Huntington twp. in 1850 and Lake twp. in 1860. Bisher, Samuel (I3535)
1921 They were both living in Fort Tejon when married. Stark, Margaret (I9863)
1922 They were in Warren Co., Ohio in 1910. They were in Blanchester, Clinton Co., Ohio in 1920 and 1930. Frank was a widower in the 1920 census. Garrison, Franklin Benjamin (I2559)
1923 They were living in Arcadia, Wayne, New York in 1850. Bisher, Christian (I5606)
1924 They were living in Calabasas, California in 1920. They lived at 7329 Alabama Ave in Van Nuys, CA in 1930 and 1939 and 1940. She was living in Canoga Park, CA when she died. Grant, Jennie E. (I1107)
1925 They were living in Clinton Co., Ohio in 1880 with Mary’s niece, Luella Hardesty.

1880 Census, Wayne Twp., Clinton Co., Ohio

Grove, Abraham, M, 46, head, Farmer, Kentucky, Virginia, V. A.
Mary, 30, F, wife, Keeping House, Ohio, Delaware, Delaware
Gaffeny, Abraham, M, 16, Bound, Farm Hand, Ohio, Ireland, Ireland
Hardesty, Luella, F, 15, Niece, Does House Work, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio

Mary’s maiden name is sometimes listed as “Griffith”. 
Griffin, Mary (I577)
1926 They were living in Delhi, Delaware, New York in 1850. Bisher, Elisha (I5615)
1927 They were living in Georgetown, Essex, Mass. in 1850. Bisher, Gideon (I5583)
1928 They were living in Hamer Twp., Highland Co., Ohio in 1930. Fender, William F. (I5771)
1929 They were living in Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio in 1910 with Elizabeth's mother. John had been married previously. DeHaas, John F. (I5753)
1930 They were living in Rochester, Plymouth, MA in 1850. Bisher, Josiah (I5586)
1931 They were living in Salem Twp., Highland Co., Ohio in 1880, 1900 and 1910. Willett, Stephen A. (I5756)
1932 They were living in Seattle, Washington in 1930. Pearn, Charles Wesley (I6034)
1933 They were living in Tom Green Co., Texas in 1910. Brown, Thomas Monroe (I10867)
1934 They were living in West Seneca, Eire Co., New York in 1860. Bisher, Henry (I5686)
1935 They were living in Xenia in 1910 and in Springfield, Ohio by 1918 and in the 1920 & 1930 censuses.

Notes from Linda Bennington Gatliff:
The following are memories of my wonderful uncle Carroll Bennington who did genealogy for years. They lived in Springfield. They had no children. William was a machinist  I do not know where the photo was taken. They used to visit my mother & father when I was a young boy & we visited their home in Springfield. 
Bishir, William Lee (I1496)
1936 They were living with a stock dealer in 1850. Ersa was a miller. Bisher, Ersa (I5589)
1937 This is probably the same person as Grisham Lee in Pettis Co. who married Mary. It appears that he was born in Tennessee, had many of his children in Kentucky, and was in Missouri part of the time, but died in Kentucky.

Noah, Richard, James, William and Morrison (all born in Kentucky) who appear in various Pettis Co. censuses are candidates for his sons. 
Lee, Grissom (I7792)
1938 This obit appeared in the Ventura County Star, Monday November 13, 1933 Ventura, Ventura County California

Frances Harkey Pioneer Here, Passes Away
Frances Elizabeth Harkey , resident of Ventura for 64 years, died at her home, 767 E. Santa Clara St. early Sunday following a lingering illness, She was 68 years of age.
Surviving her are her brother, George W. Harkey, with whom she made her home, Two nieces, Maud L. Starks of Ventura and Mary Hatcher Donohoo of Santa Paula; two nephews , Mark V Hatcher and James V. Hatcher both of Santa Paula, and one grand niece, Lena May Griffith .
Funeral services, in charge of the J. E. Barker mortuary, will be held at 10:30 a. m. in the First Christian Church, of which the deceased was long a member. Robert O. Staley of Ventura Avenue, retired former pastor of the church, will officiate. Burial will follow in Ivy Lawn Cemetery. 
Harkey, Frances E. (I9456)
1939 This obit appeared in the Ventura Daily Democrat, Ventura County California Wednesday, October 7, 1914

Announcement of the death of the well known Mound rancher Thomas N. Harkey at the Bard Hospital, yesterday, came as a shock to many people who had not heard of his illness.
It was but a couple of weeks ago he was attending to his daily duties on the ranch, and though not in the best of health had not complained, when serious symptoms developed and the physicians called pronounced the case dread cancer, with the end at the best not far distant.
Mr. Harkey faced the verdict bravely, settled his business affairs while strength remained and was brought to the Bard Hospital a day or so ago. He became suddenly worse yesterday morning and passed away about 1:30 o'clock.
With his brother, George Harkey, the deceased had for many years been prominent in the agracultural industries of the county. Their work was crowned with success and in addition to the valuable property in this section they acquired ranch property at Lankershim. The Harkey home east of Ventura is one of the finest in the county.
Mr Harkey was a member of a pioneer family. Born in Arkansas he was brought to California in infancy and to Ventura County in 1860, since which time he lived here. He was held in high esteem by friends and neighbors and enjoyed the confidence and respect of all with whom he was in any was associated. His death is a matter of deep regret in the community.
The deceased, who was 58 years of age on September 10th last, was unmarried, residing with his brother George and sister, Miss Fanny. A niece, Miss Maude Starks, completed the family circle now sadly broken. Another sister, Mrs Mark Hatcher, of Santa Paula also survives.
Funeral services will be held Thursday morning at 10 o'clock at the Harkey home, following which the remains will be taken by auto to Santa Paula Cemetery for burial. 
Harkey, Thomas Newton (I9453)
1940 Thomas and Joan probably lived in or near Marriage Hill. Mendenhall, Thomas (I1929)
1941 Thomas Shinn was proably born in Hertford Co., England. He was a Quaker and was part of Burlington Meeting in New Jersey. His first wife died very soon after their marriage with no issue and Thomas died only two years after his second marriage to Mary Stockton. (His second son, Samuel, was born after Thomas' death.) His will indicates that he was a freeholder and slaveholder - one of the earliest slaveholders - if not the very earliest in New Jersey.

Research: Will dated 4 Nov 1694. 
Shinn, Thomas (I1795)
1942 Thomas was living with his sister, Libbie in Covington, KY in 1910. Fenhoff, Thomas (I2727)
1943 Thomas' was born in a POW camp in Quebec, Canada, after his parents were both taken as POW's during the American Revolution.  Thomas had an older brother, Michael, that was but a young child when taken.  When the parents were released after being prisoners for some time, they were left to get home the best they could.  It was winter and the parents stopped at a graveyard near the Champlain River for the night.  His father, Lt. William McGuyer (McGuire) took the youngest child, Thomas and wrapped him in his coat keeping the baby next to his warm body.  The mother took the older child, Michael and wrapped him in her coat, keeping him next to her.  When morning came, they discovered that Michael had frozen to death during the night.  Michael was buried in that cemetery before they left. Lt. McGuire and his wife, Catherine (Franz) McGuire and Thomas, made it back without further incident, they ended up having many more children.  Catherine, called Kitty, were living near the area of Ft. Boonsboro, where her father, Lt. Michael Shirley was stationed out of, as was Richard Lee.  Richard married an Elizabeth Scott and had to the best of my recollection, 19 children.  This is where Anna Lee met Thomas McGuire.  It was a little before 1820 when Richard died and his land was divided up between the children.  When the other children grew up and eventually moved away,most sold or gave away their portion of the land to their siblings. Thomas and Anna lived briefly in TN then migrated to east Texas where they lived until they died.  Anna died in Charleston, Texas and is buried in the Charleston Cemetery.  Both of Thomas' parents are buried in Old Horse Cemetery, Bedford, TN.  The DAR has placed a sign between the two graves some time ago. McGuire, Thomas (I7791)
1944 Thought to have lived in Lincoln and Dallas Co. in North Carolina. They appear in Gaston Co., North Carolina in 1850. They were slave owners showing six slaves in the 1850 census.

Research: The J.H. Mendehall family bible mentions a "John J." who was born 17 March 1823. This could be the first "Jacob" shown below since he is not mentioned in the bible. Heyl genealogy lists their marriage date as 22 Sept 1804. 
Mendenhall, Robert (I1847)
1945 tombstone has 3-21-1876 to 3-21-1891 Stoner, James Augustus (I3951)
1946 Tombstone reads 1832-1913; I believe the 1832 birth year is correct. the 1850 census for Gillam Twp was taken on 21 Aug 1850, and it says she is 18.

1900,1910 census, Jasper Co., Gillam Twp, living with Martha and James Reed.

Certificate of Death Registration- Jasper County IN Health Dept.
Lavina (no middle name given) Bisher
Date of Death 16 May 1913
Place of Death Jasper Co., IN (no city listed)
Age 81 years Marital Status Widowed Gender Female
Cause(s) of Death (a) Brights Disease (**see note at bottom)
(d) other conditions: none listed
Certified by Jay J. Jones, MD
Cemetery Independence Cemetery, Jasper Co., IN (no disposition date)
Funeral Home Arthur P. Prevo
File Date Book D10 Page/Line 42#22

{other info found on certificate}
Birth Date 05/16/1832 May 16, 1832 Carroll Co., IN
Occupation Domestic
Spouse Miles Bisher
Father's Name John Gillam (no middle name listed) birth place unknown
Mother's Name Mary Henderson birth place NC
-no informants name listed-

**On-line Medical Dictionary

An affection of the kidneys, usually inflammatory in character, and
distinguished by the occurrence of albumin and renal casts in the urine.
Several varieties of Bright's disease are now recognised, differing in the
part of the kidney involved, and in the intensity and course of the morbid

Origin: From Dr. Bright of London, who first described it.

Source: Websters Dictionary 
Gillam, Lavina (I3943)
1947 Tombstone shows "He served his country throughout the war in Co. H, 49th Regt., N. C. T." Henderson, William Jackson (I2370)
1948 Trudy's family came from Iowa. Olsen, J. TRUDY (I871)
1949 Truman V. NEHER, 77, Leiters Ford, died at 7 a.m. today in Parkview hospital in Plymouth. He had been a patient since Oct. 6. He was born Jan. 17, 1896, in Delphi to John and Elizabeth MOORE NEHER. His marriage was Dec. 23, 1939, in Valparaiso to Ada M. WALES. She survives. A retired farmer, he had resided in the Leiters Ford area 13 years, moving from Rochester. He was a veteran of World War I. Surviving with his wife are one son, Truman Junior [NEHER], Culver; two daughters, Mrs. Paul (Betty Lou) LEAVENWORTH, Albuquerque, N.M., and Mrs. Michael (Janie Sue) McGOWEN, Terre Haute; three grandchildren; one brother, Herman NEHER, Huntington; a sister, Mrs. Pearl BRUBAKER, Logansport. Final rites will be at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Assembly of God church in Rochester. The Rev. Clifton WILKINS will officiate. Burial will be in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Leiters Ford. Friends may call at the Zimmerman Brothers funeral home after 2 p.m. Wednesday and at the church one hour prior to services. Neher, Truman V. (I3670)
1950 Tuesday, Feb. 11, 1969 The Press-Gazette, Hillsboro, Ohio

Mrs. Hazel M. Fry

LYNCHBURG - Word has been received here concening the death of Mrs. Hazel Mae Fry, 78, a former local resident, in Oceanside (Calif.) Hospital. The death occurred Feb. 4. She was a resident of Oceanside.

She was the daughter of William and Julia Bishir and was born in Lynchburg.

Surviving are three sons, William Fry, Springfield, John, Lakeside, O., and James, Jacksonville, N. C.; one daughter, Mabel Fry, Florida, and a brother, Ben Bishir, Florida.

Funeral services were conducted in Springfield, Friday, with burial following in Lynchburg, Masonic Cemetery. 
Bishir, Hazel M. (I1499)

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