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101 (Research):Gypsom Hill Cemetery Headstone Photo in possession of Julie V. Monson, states that the grave is in Block 17. Anderson, Jon Scott (I9639)
102 (Research):In the 1900 US Census for Canton, McPherson, Kansas, Lewis D. Cassler and his wife & family are shown to be neighbors on the same census page as Frank M. and Emma J. Baldwin and their family. Evidently Lewis' wife died, and Frank died, and in 1930 in the US Census, Canton, McPherson, Kansas, Emma is married to Lewis D. Cassler, and Orville G. Baldwin (listed as Grant O. Baldwin) and Imogene Baldwin are in the household. Ledbetter, Emma J. (I9588)
103 (Research):Just after his marriage in 1895, he moved to the Chicago, Illinois area and worked as a clerk in a railroad office. By 1905 he was back in Salina, Kansas working on a farm.
John B. Anderson is buried in Gypsum Hill Cemetery, Salina, Kansas. 
Anderson, John B. (I3181)
104 (Research):Letter from Mrs. Vera Harkey dated 15 April 1958 to Shirley Breit, daughter of David Anderson. Mrs. Vera Harkey is a daughter of Grant Oscar Beard and Margaret Lutishia Fisher.
Records of Dorothy E. Breit show another spelling for Margaret's middle name: Letitia. 
Fisher, Margaret Lutishia (I3178)
105 (Research):Need more research on Clara B. Baldwin; Julie V. Monson had no knowledge of her prior to finding the Bishir family website in April of 2007. Baldwin, Clara B. (I721)
106 (Research):Neva Belle Anderson Vaupel is buried at the Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas. Anderson, Neva Belle (I3184)
107 (Research):Photo of his gravestone at Gypsom Hill Cemetery, Block 17, shows that on the stone it states he was in the U. S. Navy. Anderson, John Wesley (I3185)
108 (Research):Poheta Cemetery near Kipp, Kansas is where Lulu is buried. Information came from the Smoky Valley Genealogical Society, Poheta Cemetery Records.
Records of Dorothy E. Anderson Breit state the B. in Lulu B. stands for Blanch. 
Beard, Lulu B. (I3175)
109 (Research):William G. Baldwin is reported to be buried in Union Cemetery (6 n. E), Abilene, Dickinson, Kansas. Source may be The Vital Statistics of Saline County, FHL # 1738487, but this needs to be researched (June 2007)F ound in Union Cemetery, Abilene, Kansas, on on 23 March 2011.
William G. Baldwin is mentioned as a surviving brother of Alice H. Beard, and in 1925, living in Abilene.

Find A Grave Memorial# 37350789 
Baldwin, William G. (I723)
110 (The following is taken from the Mendenhall genealogy of Merrill Anderson)
Nathan Mendenhall was a soldier of the American Revolution. He was born in September of 1746 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. As a boy he became a carpenter's apprentice, and on reaching adulthood he worked several years in Philadelphia and Baltimore before moving to York District, South Carolina, around the year 1773. Nathan and his brother Joseph were the only known children of Robert and Phoebe Mendenhall to settle in North Carolina. Nathan's descendent Nellie Mendenhall Cooke (1897-1973) said she was told two brothers came south. One settled in Guilford and the other (Nathan) said he was going as far south as the poke weed grew. The Mendenhall genealogy of H. H. Beeson tells us Nathan married Rebecca Duckworth. The date and place of their marriage have not been learned. If Rebecca was, as has been suggested by a Duckworth family researcher, a member of a Duckworth family that came to North Carolina in the 1760's, the marriage probably took place there sometime in the early to mid-1770's. When the war broke out Nathan was drafted and served three tours of militia duty totaling 11 months. His second tour was as a mounted rifleman, protecting the settlements of western South Carolina and Georgia from the Indians. In early 1780 he came with his "small family" into Lincoln County, North Carolina. Land records show that he bought 100 acres there on December 18, 1779. On April 18, 1834, at the age of 88, he applied for a veteran's pension for his Revolutionary War service. The justice of the peace who took his statement wrote "the said Nathan lives 23 miles distant from any court of record (i.e. Lincolnton) in said county; that from his advanced age, the bodily infirities, he could not safety appear before the court to make his said declaration." His application (S7219) was accepted, and he was granted Certificate 29807. The amount of the pension per year was $36.66. The location of Nathan's home has been described as about 1 1/2 miles south of Olney Presbyterian Church at Gastonia. This area became part of Gaston County when it was formed from Lincoln County in 1846. Gaston County borders York County, South Carolina, Nathan's earlier home. The first federal census was taken in 1790. It gave the name of the head of household only and enumerated the others in the household according to sex and age. Nathan's household, consisting of six people, is listed in Morgan District, Lincoln County, North Carolina. The printed book of the North Carolina census, transcribed from the handwritten original records, shows on page 113 "Nathn, Mondenall". In the household were one free white male of 16 years and upward, one free white male under 16 years, three free white females and one slave. Nathan died July 16, 1835, and was buried at the Olney Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Gastonia. Rebecca died March 23, 1836, "in the 89th year of her age", and was buried near Nathan. Close by is a stone inscribed:
"In memory of
Who departed this life
July 11th 1804
Aged 102 years.
Draw near, young man, as you pass by,
and on this stone --- cast an eye,
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for Death and follow me."
Sarah is believed to be Rebeca's mother. The fact that Rebecca's oldest known daughter was named Sarah supports this theory. Dr. John Duckworth of Kingston, Tennessee, for many years a Duckworth family researcher, believes Rebecca was of the same family as John, William and Simon Duckworth. They were sons of John and Sarah (Hankins) Duckworth, who were married in 1734 in Burlington County, New Jersey. John, Sr., died around 1755 in Frederick County, Virginia. The rest of the family may have moved to Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, in the late 1760's, when the three brothers settled on McDowell Creek there. Mecklenburg County borders Gaston and Lincoln Counties.

Research: 1790 census for North Carolina shows a Nathan in Lincoln, Co. Nathan's Revolutionary War record gives his birthdate as 1746. 
Mendenhall, Nathan (I1876)
111 (Transcribed by Jim Thoma)

Holman Lee, a well-known farmer and stockman of Boonville township, is a member of a highly respected, colonial family, a son of one of Missouri's honored pioneers. Mr. Lee was born Sept. 18, 1879, in Howard County, Mo., son of John and Susan (Talbott) Lee, the latter, a native of Kentucky.

John Lee was born March 5, 1816, in Richmond, Va., son of John Lee, Sr., and Susan (Owen) Lee, natives of Virginia. John Lee, Sr. was a son of Joel Lee, a soldier of the Revolution of 1776, who served under General Washington. The elder John Lee, with his wife and children, came from Virginia to Missouri in 1819 and this family was one of the first families of the state. John Lee, Jr. was one of the leading farmers and stockmen of Howard County, Mo., and he was also a prominent financier of Boonville, one of the organizers of the bank of Ahle, Lee & Duncia at Boonville, which bank was conducted until 1882, when Mr. Lee became head of the banking institution known as John Lee & Son, Bankers. In 1885, John Lee, Jr. sold his interest in this bank and assisted in the organization of the Commercial Bank, becoming a director, a position he held until his death in 1893.

The father died at his home at Old Franklin on Dec. 18, 1893, at the advanced age of 77 years. Mr. Lee was widely known in this section of the state. His home and farm were at Old Franklin in Howard County, but his chief business interests are in Boonville. By a former marriage, John Lee, Jr., was the father of two children, who are now living: Mrs. Ida Swinney, wife of E. F. Swinney, a prosperous banker of Kansas City, Mo., and Samuel, of Kansas City.

Bottom of Page 622

Holman Lee, subject of this review, attended Coopers Institute and the Culver Military Academy, Culver, Ind., completing his school work with a business course at Gem City Business College, Quincy, Ill. After completing the course, Mr. Lee began farming and stockraising in Howard County, Mo., where he resided until 1909, when he came to Cooper County and located on his present farm of 245 acres of well improved land. He has made unusual success in sheepraising. Mr. Lee has a herd of 600 black-faced Shropshires, 104 head of feeding cattle, 15 head of horses and mules, and 100 head of Poland China hogs.

Nov. 4, 1903, Holman Lee and Elizabeth Blackburn, adopted daughter of Carroll and Mary T. Logsdon, were united in marriage. Carroll Logsdon, grandfather and foster-father of Mrs. Lee, was one of the earliest settlers aged largest landowners in Saline County, Mo. Mrs. Lee is a graduate of William Woods College, Fulton, Mo., a member of the class of 1903 and is successfully engaged in raising poultry, keeping the best Barred Plymouth Rocks, for which she finds a ready market. Mr. and Mrs. Holman Lee are the parents of three children: Carroll, Suzanne, and Holman, Jr. The Lee family has long been highly valued in the community and respected throughout the county. 
Lee, Holman (I7706)
112 **Surname sometimes written as Pyatt**
1. From Denning Forum at GenForum, posted by Mary Jane Peterson, March 5, 1998:
Notes for LISONA SARAH PYATT: Seaman Cemetery: Denning: Sarah; consort of Harrison d. 2 March 1837, age 26 years
2. From Denning Forum at GenForum, posted by Ray Baker, November 17, 1998:
William Henry Harrison Dennings wife Lisona Sarah Piatt was the daughter of Benjamin Piatt and Mary Waddell.
3. Called "Sally", b. ca 1808, m. Harrison Duning. Source: Piatt Family Newsletter, Volume 2, 1987 (Birthdate of 1808 is wrong, see cemetery information above)
4. From e-mail,
Cora Riffle, who joined the DAR in 1935, through Benjamin Pyatt, stated that daughter Sallie was married to Harrison Denning. Sally was listed in the 1820 census as being born 1805-10 and listed in the 1830 census as being born 1800-1810. Therefore I assume she was born before 1811. 
Piatt, Lisona Sarah (I5032)
113 1. Census Information:
*From "Highland Co., OH Taxpayers": 1831, Dodson Twp, Pitzer, Matthias, Dodson Twp; 1840, 1841 Union Twp.
* From 1830 census Clinton Co., OH, pg 367:
Matthias Pitzer: 1 m. <5 (John T., 4), 1 m. 20-30 (Matthias), 2 f. <5 (Elizabeth, Hester), 1 f. 10-15 (?), 1 f. 30-40 (Lydia)
*From 1840 census, Union Twp., Highland Co., OH, pg. 129:
Mathias Pitzer: 2 m. under 5 (William, 2, John T., 4), 1 m. 5-10 (Isaiah, 9), 1 m. 10-15 (?), 1 m. 40-50 (Mathias, 41); 1 f. 15-20 (Hester or Elizabeth), 1 f. 40-50 ([Lydia, 41)
*From 1850 Census, Clark Township, Clinton Co., OH (microfilm) Pg. 252:
Mathias Pitzer, 51, m, farmer, b. VA
Lydia Pitzer, 51, f, b. VA
Elizabeth Pitzer, 26, f, b. VA
Hester A. Pitzer, 25, f, b. OH
Isaiah Pitzer, 18, m, b. OH
John T. Pitzer, 14, m, b. OH
William R. Pitzer, 12, m, b. OH
*From 1860 census, Clark Twp., Clinton Co., OH, pg. 233:
Mathias Pitzer, w, m, 61, b. VA
Lydia Pitzer, w, f, 61, b. VA
Elizabeth Pitzer, w, f, 38, b. VA
Hester Pitzer, w, f, 28, b. OH
John Pitzer, w, m, 24, b. OH
William Pitzer, w, m, 21, b. OH
Joseph Pitzer, w, m, 11, b. OH [could be son or grandson]
3. From "Wills, Administrations, Guardianships & Adoptions of Highland Co., OH 1805-1880" pg. 204:
Feb. 6, 1857: Matthias Pitzer and Jacob Pitzer, sons of John Pitzer, dec'd, relinquish their rights to administer his estate and the court appointed N. W. Cummins Administrator.
4. Suretor for marriage to Lydia Pitzer was John Pitzer (Berkeley Co., VA, 30 Aug 1821). 
Pitzer, Matthias (I2755)
114 1. Census information:
*From 1850 census, Byrd, Brown Co., OH, dated 23 Sept 1850,pg. 60:
Isaac N. Denning, 41, m, blacksmith, value real estate $200, b. OH
Margaret " , 35, f, b. OH
Sarah " , 7, b. OH
Jane " , 2, f, b. OH
*From 1860 census Jefferson Twp., Brown Co., OH, pg. 74:
Isaac W. Denning, 55, m, blacksmith, value personal estate $1600, b.
OH, deaf & dumb
Margaret Denning, 40, f, b. OH
Sarah E. Denning, 15, f, b. OH, attended school
Amanda Denning, 12, f, b. OH, attended school
Joseph D. Denning, 9, m, b. OH, attended school
*From 1870 census, Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH, dated 11 June 1870, pg. 219, family 133 (microfilm image:
Denning, Isaac N., 60, m, w, blacksmith, value real estate $800,
personal estate $700, b. OH, deaf & dumb
Margaret, 51, f, w, keeping house, b. OH
Sarah, 23, f, w, at home, b. OH
Amanda, 21, f, w, at home, b. OH
*From 1880 census Tiffin, Adams Co., OH, pg. 225C:
Denning, Isaac N., w, m, 66, farmer & blacksmith, deaf & dumb, can't
read/write, b. OH, parents b. VA
Margaret, w, f, 60, wife, keeping house, b. OH, parents b. VA
Sarah Elizabeth, w, f, 30, daughter, single, at home, b. OH,
parents b. OH
McDaniel, William, w, m, 32, son-in-law, farmer, b. OH, parents b. OH
Jane, w, f, 28, daughter, at home, b. OH, parents b. OH
Joseph Coleman, w, m, 1, grandson, b. OH, parents b. OH 
Denning, Isaac Newton (I5100)
115 1. Census information:
*From 1850 census, Noble, Wabash Co., IN, dated 3 July 1850, pg. 447 (Microfilm image):
Albert G. Denning, 44, m, farmer, value real estate $800, b. OH, deaf & dumb
Prudence " , 38, f, b. OH
John " , 17, m, b. OH
Joseph P. " , 15, m, b. OH
Jonas O. " , 13, m, b. OH
Eliza J. " , 9, f, b. OH
William D. " , 3, m, b. IN
*From 1870 census, Noble Twp., Wabash Co., IN, dated 21 July 1870, pg. 163, family 314 (microfilm image):
Denning, Albert, 64, m, farmer, value real estate $2500, personal estate $200, b. OH, can't read/write
Prudence, 59, f, keeping house, b. VT, can't read/write
William, 22, m, farm hand, b. IN, can't write 
Denning, Albert G. (I5091)
116 1. Census information:
*From 1850 census, Noble, Wabash Co., IN, dated 3 July 1850, pg. 448 (microfilm image):
Stephen B. Denning, 49, m, farmer, value real estate $1600, b. OH
Sarah " , 37, f, b. OH
Mary " , 21, f, b. IN
Sarah T. " , 16, f, b. IN
Margaret E. " , f, 11, b. IN
Frances M. " , f, 9, b. IN
2. Roster, Lost Wagon Train, 1853
The Elliott Wagon Train of 1853 turned off the Oregon Trail near the present-day town of Vale, Oregon and took the dry Eastern Oregon route that finally led them over the Cascades into Lane County. This trail has been well documented and researched through the efforts of Leah C. Menefee. The results of that effort was the story of "Cutoff Fever" By Leah Collins Menefee and Lowell Tiller which was published in the Oregon Historical Quarterlies, beginning with the December, 1976 Quarterly and continuing for the next 5 issues.
The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, Sunday, January 8, 1984, Section C, By Bill Lynch, with a Photo by Paul Petersen, of Leah Menefee, has written about The Lost Wagon Train, which is very informative besides good reading.
The following roster of Immigrants who came to the west over the Oregon Trail in 1853 has been compiled by Leah C. Menefee over a period of many years research in her efforts and determination to compile a roster of these pioneers.
*DENNING, Job - b. West Union, Adams Co., Ohio; m. Harriet M. Wright, 12 Nov. 1863. She d. 25 July 1893. He lived in eastern
Ore. and then Douglas Co. where he resided at Lookingglass, Ore., for 39 years; d. 1915.
*DENNING, John H. - b. 1824, Ohio; probably son of Stephen Denning (see roster); DLC No. 7246, Lane Co., Ore.; left the
county 1856.
*DENNING, Rachel - m. John, 5 April 1849, Ind.
**DENNING, Stephen - b. 1801, Adams Co., Ohio; DLC No. 1062, Lane Co., Ore.; arr. Ore. 1 Nov. 1853.
**DENNING, Sarah (Donalson) - b. abt. 1812, Ohio; m. Stephen, 7 Oct. 1823 or 8/9 Jan. 1823/25, Adams Co., Ohio. 
Denning, Stephen Burras (I5080)
117 1. Census information:
*From 1850 census, Union Twp., Brown Co., OH, dated 31 July 1850, pg. 16 (microfilm image):
Job Denning, 47, m, farmer, value real estate $1300, b. OH
Jane " , 47, f, b. PA
Isaac " , 17, b. OH
Nancy " , 10, b. OH
Mary " , 80, b. PA 
Denning, Job (I5082)
118 1. Census information:
*From 1870 census, Clark Twp., Clinton Co., OH, pg. 486 (just before Lydia Pitzer):
Pitzer, John F. [sic], 45, m, w, farm laborer, value personal estate $300, b. OH
Rachel, 41, f, w, keeps house, b. OH
Jesse, 4, f, w, b. OH
William, 2, m, w, b. OH
*From 1880 census, Clark Twp., Clinton Co., OH, ED 56, pg. 41A:
Pitzer, John T., 54, m, w, widowed, laborer, b. OH, father b. OH [sic], mother b. OH [sic]
Jesse, daughter, 14, f, w, single, keeping house, b. OH, parents b. OH
W. Hamar, son, 11, m, w, single, b. OH, parents b. OH 
Pitzer, John T (I2792)
119 1. Census information:
*Living with mother, Lydia Pitzer in Clark Twp., Clinton Co., OH in 1870
*From 1880 census, Lynchburg, Highland Co., OH, ED 41, pg. 276, family 121 (microfilm image):
McKee, Joseph, head, 27, m, w, married, works at distilery, b. OH, father b. OH, mother b. OH, can't read/write
Jennie, wife, 26, f, w, housekeeping, b. OH, father b. OH, mother b. OH
Emry, son, 1, m, w, single, b. OH, father b. OH, mother b. OH
Hester, mother, 59, f, w, widow, b. OH, father b. OH [sic], mother b. OH [sic], can't read/write 
Pitzer, Hester Ann (I2793)
120 1. Daughter of Rev. David and Mary (Thomas) Phillips Phillips, Mary (I5111)
121 1. From "Graves of Revolutionary War Patriots" Vol. 3, pg. 171:
Piatt, Benjamin: Prob. Trotter Cem., nr. West Union, Adams Co., OH 55
1. From GedCom by Donald Vore (Internet): Benjamin was a soldier in the Revolutionary War
2. Marriage information, children from Piatt Family Newsletter, Volume 2, 1987, Laverne Ingram Piatt, Ontario, OH
3. Military Information:
Benjamin Piatt/Pyatt, 9th Virginia Regiment; private--Sergeant
Sept. 6, 1777
Pvt. Ben Peat, Sullivan-Russell
Term of enlistment - The War
Remarks: absent
Sept. 177 Pitsburg 10 Oct 1777
Ben Pyeat, Pvt. Capt. James Sullivan's Co. of 13th Virginia Regt. commanded by Col. William Russell
Oct-Nov-Dec 1778, Jan-Feb-Mar 1779 Fort Pitt 5 April 1779
Benj. Pyatt, Sgt. - assigned to Taylor Gibson at Fort Willard
Apr-May-June 1779 Pittsburgh
Benjm. Piatt, Sgt. with Major Taylor's 13th Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. John Gibson
Jun-Jul-Aug-Sept 1779 Fort Pitt 6 Oct 1779
Sergt. Benjm. Peyatt, Springer-Gibson
Oct-Nov-Dec 1779 Fort Pitt 13 Feb 1780
Sergt. Benjm. Pyatt; Capt. Uriah Springer's Co. of Light Infantry, 9th Virginia Regt. commanded by Col. John Gibson. Discharged 22 Decbr.
4. From "Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots" Vol. 3:
PIATT, Benjamin Prob Trotter Cem nr West Union, Adams Co, OH 55
5. From "Pioneer Ohio Newspapers, 1793-1810", pg. 218: Vol. III. Monday, April 2, 1804:
Military divisions in Ohio are outlined and mention BENJAMIN PYATT and Peter Wickerham in Adams County.
6. From "Early Ohio Tax Records" pg. 6, Adams Co: listed is Pyeatt, Benjamin
7. Census information:
*From 1850 census, Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH, pg. 148, family 1666 (microfilm):
Piatt, Benjamin Sr., 94, b. MD [sic]
Piatt, Mary, 72, f, b. PA 
Piatt, Benjamin (I5109)
122 1. From 1850 census, Jefferson, Clinton Co., OH, dated 11 Sep 1850, pg. family 592:
John A. Pitzer, 24, m, basket maker, b. VA
Elizabeth Pitzer, 21, f, b. OH
James A. Pitzer, 1, m, b. OH 
Pitzer, John Adams (I2791)
123 1. From 1850 census, Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH, pg. 27, family 1661, dated 23 Aug 1850:
Daniel Denning, 56, m, farmer, value real estate $1200, b. OH
Rebecca, 50, f, b. VA
Newton B., 23, m, b. OH
Albert G., 19, m, b. OH
Sarah M., 16, f, b. OH
Daniel W. Smith, 2, m, b. OH [?grandson]
2. From "Caldwell's Illustrated Historical Atlas of Adams County, Ohio, 1880" pg. 33:
Regarding the St. Charles Hotel: Building commenced in 1838 and Daniel Dinning was the 3rd proprietor of the hotel sometime before 1862. 
Denning, Daniel (I5074)
124 1. From Denning Forum at GenForum, posted by Mary Jane Peterson, March 5, 1998:
Notes for WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON DENNING: March 25th 1833 Job Denning wrote: "After my respects to you you will be so good as to let my sun Wm. Harrison Dinning have mariage to lisona, as I have no objections Job Denning"
2. Census Information:
*Listed with father on 1830 census
*From 1840 census, Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH, pg. 64:
Harrison Denning, 1 m. 5-10 (Newton), 1 m. 20-30 (Harrison), 1 m. 30-40 (?); 1 f. under 5 (Sarah), 1 f. 5-10 (Mary Jane), 1 f. 20-30 (Harriet)**Also listed on this page are John Denning (30-40); Daniel Denning (30-40), and Mary Denning (70-80)
*From 1850 census, Dodson Twp., Highland Co., OH, pg. 267, family 785 (Microfilm):
Denning, William H., m, 37, farmer, b. OH
Harriett, f, 30, b. OH [second wife]
Newton, m, 15, b. OH [son with Lisona]
L. E., m, 12, b. OH [this is actually Sarah E., first daughter
with Harriett]
William C., m, 7, b. OH
Job, m, 5, B. OH
Matilda, f, 4, b. OH
Caroline, f, 2, b. OH
Polly, 50, b. OH, blind [his sister]
*From 1855 Illinois State Census, Iroquois Co., IL:
Denning, Harrison- 1 male under 10 (Job?), 1 male 10-20 (William, 14), 1 male 20-30 (Newton, 20), 1 male 40-50 (Harrison,42), 3 females under 10 (Mathilda, 9; Alice, 2; Clara, infant), 1 female 10-20 (?), 1 female 30-40 (Harriet, 33), 1 female 50-60 (Polly, 59)
*From 1860 census, Onarga, Iroquois Co, IL, fam#1010:
Dinning,H.[arrison] 47 M OH Farmer 3700 550
Harriett 38 F OH
Newton 20 M OH Farmer 00 100 [?age should be 25]
William 19 M OH
Job 16 M OH
Mathilda 14 F OH
Alice 11 F OH
Clara 5 F OH
Milton 3/12 M IL
P.[olly] 54 F OH [should be 64]
*From 1870 Federal Census, Onarga, Iroquois Co., IL
DENNING, William 57 M W Farmer 4000 1000 Ohio
Harriet 47 F W Keep House Ohio
William 29 M W Teaching Ohio
Clara 16 F W Ohio
Milton 10 M W Illinois
Just above William H. Denning in this census is listed Jacob Pitzer, age 22, farmer, b. OH, his wife Caroline, 18, and his daughter, Dulcina, age 6/12. I think this is Isaiah's cousin, oldest son of his father's brother Jacob, and this could be how Mary Jane met Isaiah as they appear to be close neighbors.
[Information from Gwen Thomas as above: The family moved to IL in 1854.]
*From 1880 census, Onarga, Iroquois Co., IL
William H. Denning, 67, farmer, b. OH, father b. PA, mother b. PA
3. From "Highland Co., OH Taxpayers": Denning, Wm. H., 1850, Dodson Twp.; Denning, Harrison, 1851, Dodson Twp.; Denning, W.H.H., 1852, 1853, 1854, Dodson Twp.
4. From Adams Co. Ohio Marriage Records 1803-1833:
Marriage license issued, book 3: 1833 Dinning, William Harrison and Pyeatt, Sarah on 25 March
Marriage book 3, 1819-1833: Dinning, William Morrison(sic) and Pyatt, Sarah 26 March 1833 by John P. Vandyke
5. Actual birth and death date from Gwen Thomas ( 10/2000.
6. A stone at Onarga Township Cemetery lists:
Harriet Denning, wife of WHH d. Nov. 23, 1891 ae71
W.H. Denning, May 19, 1813-Dec. 10, 1898
Milton A. Denning, son, Mar. 8, 1860-Jan. 7, 1889
Another stone, same cemetery:
Sarah Riner Campbell, 1838-1923
[Sarah's obit lists her brother, William, as living in CA and her sister, Clara, as Mrs. WW Loudon living in Onarga. (A search for her stone shows the dates 1854-1929)
7. Obituary in the 'Onarga Leader and Review', Onarga, Iroquois County, Illinois, December 16, 1898 (from Gwen Thomas, April 2001): "William H. H. Denning was born in Ohio, May 19th, 1813, and died in Tuscola, Ill. Dec. 10th, 1898, in the 86th year of his life. Nearly one third of that long life was given to the care of a helpless invalid son who needed and received the constant care of his parents for 29 years. The mother, who faithfully shared with him this constant burden and care, has for nearly seven years been sharing in the bliss and blessedness of the glorified. No father was ever more layal, loving, self-denying, self-forgetting or devoted than was Father Denning. So impregnated had his life become with the thought of his helpless child that often during his last sickness, when his mind wandered, he was caring for Miltie, who had been dead for years, and calling piteously for member of the family to help him do things for the comfort of his boy.
How much of the gentleness and unselfishness of his character was born by the chair of that helpless invalid son, eternity alone can reveal.
Along the quiet and unobserved paths of life his battles were fought and victories won -- none the less battles and none the less victories because the world did not know about them. It is by no means necessary that the sublimity of the deed shall be measured by its publicity.
Father Denning removed from Ohio to Illinois in 1854. For nearly half a century he lived in this community. His life has been an alluring commentary upon the religion he professed to have obtained and enjoyed.
In 1843, he was converted, in Ohio, and for 55 years has been a devout follower of the Nazarene of whom it was said "He went about doing good." After his conversion he united with the United Brethren Church and for more than 40 years was a faithful member and worker in that church. There being no organization of that church near he joined the M. E. church and for 14 years was a member of that body.
When a young man he took a firm stand against two evils -- human slavery and the rum traffic. He lived to see the first go down. Not a slave wore the badge of servitude nor clankeda chain in all the broad domain of our loved country when he died. May his children live to see that other slavery - the drink habit - as effectually dead.
For the seven years last past he made his home with his two daughters, Mrs. Wesley Louden, of this place, and Mrs. Sarah Campbell, of Tuscola, at whose home he died.
He was married first to Miss Sarah Piatt, who bore him two children, one a daughter living in Ohio and a son living in Kansas. Sometime after her death he was married (in 1837) to Miss Harriet Crawford who bore him ten children five of whom have preceeded him to the better land. There are now living seven children, twenty-four grandchildren and thirty great-grandchildren.
The later years of life were years of suffering, but he endured the pain with expemplary patience. Towards the close of life many things seemed a blank to him but at the voice of song his mind became clear and the clouds for a time vanished away. Ont the 10th day of Dec., in Tuscola, Ill., at 9 o'clock Father Denning fell asleep as gently as a little child falls asleep in it's mother's arms.
"Servant of God, well done.
Thy glorious warfare's past:
Thy battle's fought, thy victory won,
And thou art crowned at last."
Funeral services were held at the M. E. church in Onarga Tuesday afternoon, Dr. G. R. Palmer delivering an excellent sermon to a large audience." 
Denning, William Henry Harrison (I5031)
125 1. Joseph is not listed on the 1850 census, but is age 11 on the 1860 census, so I'm not certain if he is actually a child of Mathias and Lydia. He could be a grandchild that has come to live with them by 1860. Pitzer, Joseph (I5158)
126 1. Polly (Was her first name Mary after her mother, but she was called Polly?) was blind and, apparently never married. She lived with her brother, Harrison, in her later years.
2. A stone at an early settler cemetery in Onarga Township, the Pangborn Cemetery, was transcribed as: Polly Denning, Nov. 2, 1861 65yrs-1mo-6da [Information from Gwen Thomas, 10/2000] 
Denning, Polly (I5079)
127 1. WFT Volume 15, Tree #1714
2. 1830 census index for Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH lists a Mary "Deming" [transcribed wrongly I think] on pg 64 along with a Daniel Deming, a Harrison Deming, and a John Deming - all on pg. 64.
3. From Denning GenForum (Interet) posted 3/5/1998 by Mary Jane Petersen:
It is a marriage permission, a little scrap of paper where a parent gives permission for a marriage license to be issued to a son or daughter. This one seems to relate to a Denning daughter to a Smith son, the reverse of your Denning-Smith marriage.
"Mr. Darlington (he was the clerk at that time) you will please issue marriage license for me and Mr. Dinnings daughter and oblige yours. Jan 23rd 1845.
Isaiah W. K. Smith
N.B. as to my age I am sufficiently old.
Mary Eleanor Denning"
(notation on back: Smith to Denning)
4. Seems to be in 1850 census of Union Twp., Brown County, OH, living with son:
Denning, Job 47 m. b. OH farmer
Iam 47 f. b. PA
Isaac 17 m. b. OH
Nancy 10 f. b. OH
Denning, Mary, 80, f, b. OH **
5. From "Caldwell's Illustrated Historical Atlas of Adams County, Ohio, 1880" pg. 41:
Listed on the 1816 list of memebers of the West Union Presbyterian Church is Mary Dinning and Elizabeth Dinning.
*It has been speculated that Mary Eleanor's maiden name was BURRAS and that Stephen was given her maiden name as a middle name. I haven't been able to prove this* 
Mary Eleanore (I5073)
128 1. WFT Volume 15, Tree #1714
2. From Adams Co.,OH GenWeb page: Job Dinning came to Adams co. territory in 1794 , and was appointed Captain of the Adams Co militia, in 1797.
3. From Denning GenForum (Interet) posted 3/5/1998 by Mary Jane Petersen:
Job had settled in Adams County by winter of 1795/96. I had found the surname of Dening listed as one of the families who held deeds in Mason Co. Kentucky in 1790. There was not much in the way of settlements in Ohio until after the Battle of Fallen Timbers(1795) when the "Indians" were finially defeated. Many people were poised and waiting in Kentucky for the lands in the Northwest territory to be made safe for settlers. Job married a Mary Elenore ? who was born in Penn. before 1794.
Military. 11 July 1797 Job was appointed Captain for Adams Co. of militia command by Col. Winthrop Sargent, (Terr. papers U.S.v.3,p.474) In November of 1797 Job Denning was granted a licence to keep a hotel in Manchester..(page 90 volume II of Thompsons Historical collections) Another reference on page 133 , is written Job Denning also operated a Tavern, same year. From Caldwells Adams co. Atlas on Tiffin TWP. "Another settlement was made in the neighborhood of Killenstown about 1800. Among the settlers was Job Denning.
From deed records late 1700's to 1812...First deed the last name is spelled Demming...Volume 1-2-3, p. 289. 23 October 1802, John Killen and his wife Rachel to Job Demming of Adams Co., for $ 215., in lots 1 ,6, and 9, also 4 out lots of 3 acres each, and half of out-lot 4, all in Killen's town on the waters of brush creek, part of a tract patented to Robert Rankin 28 October 1799.
Job Dinning was among the Associated Judges of the courts of Common pleas who certified in 1820 that the consolidated deed volume 1-2-3- had been accurately copied from the original deed records maintained in three small volumes labled A, B, and C, which were kept under territorial government.
In volume 5, p. 247, 13 March 1806 Trustees of West Union sell to Job Dinning for $13., in-lot #70. Volume 6, p. 264 Job and Mary Dinning were witnesses for a deed of McCutchin to Ellison. Also in Vol.6, p. 330, Job Dinning is again a witness and now a Justice of the Peace. He appears in various deeds in this capacity until at least 1812, when the published deeds abstracts end. In the last of the records a Daniel Dinning is the other witness..This traction in vol. 6,p. 658, Isaac and Leah Womsley to Jonathan Womsley.
John Thompson, a Revolutionary War Soldier states in 1833 that his neighbors include Judge Job Dining.
Probate of will of Job Dinning -- 29 December 1836 -- Daniel Dinning and William Henry Harrison Dinning, executors. Bond $800. George Sparks and Gabriel O. Darlington, security; settled. (Adams County, Ohio administrators and Executors Docket records)
Seaman Cemetery: Denning: Job; d 1836 age 61 years
4. From "Adams County, Ohio History", 1989, pg. 49:
Page School: The land for this school house in Tiffin Township deeded 24 September 1824. One of the Directors of the School District (No. 4) who signed the deed was Job Dinning.
5. From "Caldwell's Illustrated Historical Atlas of Adams County, Ohio, 1880" pg. 39:
Listing "out-lots": Thursday, May 17, 1804 the trustees met to sell at public sale lots of the new town of West Union. Among the purchasers was Job Dinning who bought Lot 70 for $9.00 and Lot 85 for $4.00.
Pg. 41: Regarding the hanging of David Beckett who was tried and convicted of killing his partner, John Lightfoot, in October 1807. It was the only case of capital punishment ever inflicted in Adams County after Beckett was tried and sentenced to hang December 8, 1808. Job Dinning was one of the jurors.
Pg. 42: Regarding the building of the Presbyterian Church in West Union. Job Dinning received the contract for hauling the stone from the quarry to the ground where they were to be used. He gave $4 in quarrying stone to help build the church.
Pg. 61: The first Court of Quarter Sessions met at Manchester in September 1797, soon after the organization of the county. Job Dinning was present at this meeting as "Crier".
5. Census Information:
*From "Early Ohio Tax Records" pg. 2, Adams County: listed is Job Dinning
*From 1808 tax list, Green Twp., Adams Co., OH, pg. 48: Job Dunning
*From 1810 tax list, mixed townships, Adams Co., OH, pg. 15: Job Dinning
*From 1812 Tax List, Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH: Job Denning
*From 1820 census, Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH, pg. 6:
Job Dinning, 2 m. under 10 (Harrison, 7 + Isaac, 10), 2 m. 10-15 (John, 15 & Albert, 14), 1 m. 16-18 (Job, Jr., 17), 2 m. 19-25 (Stephen, 19 + ?), 1 m. 45+ (Job, 46); 1 f. under 10 (Sarah, 9), 1 f. 19-25 (Polly, 24), 1 f. 45+ (Mary, 49) **Daniel Dinning is listed on same page (26-45)
*From 1830 census Tiffin Twp., Adams Co., OH, pg. :
Job Denning Sr.: 1 m. 15-20 (Harrison, 17), 3 m. 20-30 (John, 25, Isaac, 20, Albert, 24), 1 m. 50-60 (Job, 56); 1 f. 15-20 (Sarah, 19), 1 female 20-30 (Polly), 1 f. 50-60 (Mary, 59)
6. From "Federal Land Series, Federal Bounty Land Warrants of the American Revolution" Vol. 2, 1799-1835:
Pg. 156, #1200 21 Oct 1819 B/1/033
Registered by F.D. Fschiffley; Registered for: Henry Northrup; Location: Mil 7 9 2 28 Mil 7 9 2 17
*Based upon the following Army land warrant issued to:
Saraway, P., Pvt. No. 809 100 acres
Denning, J., Pvt. No. 745 100 acres
Vol. 4, Pt. 2. Grants in the Virginia Military District of Ohio:
Pg. 189: #S-13437 20 acres Adams Co. Green City & township
a. W - 4284 Daniel Disken (warrant & warantee)
b. Job Denning (patentee)
c. none
7. From "The Ohio Repository" newspaper (Canton, OH) dated 1 February 1821(microfilm image):
Listed as being elected judge for Adams Co., OH, along with Thomas Kirker, is Job Denning
8. E-mail from Mary Jane Peterson, February 2002, Re: siblings of William Harrison Denning:
Polly was blind and so were two other of their brothers , Albert and Job. Actually both Albert and Job were Deaf and Blind or Deaf and Dumb. I found this in researching them in the 1850-1860 census. I believe Albert went to Wasbash co. Indiana, and I am not sure if Job stayed in Brown Co. Ohio ( next co, over from Adams co.). William Harrison Denning went to Tuscola, Ill. in early 1850's and died there in 1898. 
Denning, Job (I5072)
129 1. WFT Volume 4, Tree #3560
2. From "First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East New Jersey pt. 5":
JOURNAL OF JOHN READING, 1715 (PROCEEDS., 3rd Ser., Vol. X, 1915, pp. 35 et seq.)
This is important as exhibiting another list of names, residents of Middlesex County, at this time,certain ones, not otherwise disclosed, and some which are quite familiar: "S. Branch of Rarington R." Listed is Jacob Peatt (PYATT) "upon Pesiack River."
1716: Listed is Jacob Peatt (Pyatt)
3. From "First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East New Jersey":
Prominent among the other citizens and freeholders of Piscataway at a date just previous to the close of the Proprietary period (1702), were the following property owners and residents, many of whom were sons of pioneer planters, whose names are indicated in italics, as far as known by the writer.
Listed is Jacob Pyatt(*) and Thomas Pyatt(*) (*)(Sons of Pioneers, as referred to above as indicated in italics.)
4. From Rootsweb WorldConnect, Tom Buchanan :
In "HUGUENOTS IN AMERICA; MEMORiALS OF THE HUGUENOTS, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THEIR EMIGRATION TO PENNSYLVANIA," by Rev. A. Stapleton, AM, MS, 1969 (p. 129) there is a statement, "Jacob Piatt, evidently a second son of the immigrant, appears in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as an Indian trader at an early day. Jacob Piatt, Jr, was a pioneer on the frontiers, and was dispossessed of his lands in Path Valley as an intruder in 1750." 
Pyatt, Jacob (I5147)
130 1. WFT Volume 4, Tree #3560, Volume 11, Tree #788
2. From Pyatt Family Forum on GenForum (Internet), posted by Laverne Ingram Piatt:
The Jacob Piatt who was father to Diana who married Thomas Thornburg died in Washington Co PA in 1784. His will was written 26 Aug 1780 and probated on 31 March 1784. The will is on file in the Washington Co PA courthouse indexed, unfortunately, as Jacob Pyatt. Jacob was a resident of Peters Township and owner of a tract of land called Fidelity at the time of his death.
This Jacob is thought to be a fourth generation colonist being a son of Jacob Piatt (II) and Jean Paul, grandson of Jacob Piatt (I) and Mary Hull, and great-grandson of Rene Piatt and Elizabeth Sheffield of New Jersey. It is thought that he was born in the area of the Path Valley of PA where his father is known to have been a licensed Indian trader (PA Archives).
A birthdate for this Jacob is given as 18 Nov 1725. About 1745 he married Elizabeth Dunham(?) who died after 1789. Children of Jacob and Elizabeth Dunham(?) are: Mary who married John Wayt and went to Ohio Co WV; Robert (Rev War soldier) who went to Ohio Co WV; Benjamin who married Mary Phillips, d/o Rev David Phillips, (div 1790, records of Supreme Court of PA) and who may have married Mary Waddell as a second wife and went to Adams Co OH; Jacob who married Nancy and went to Adams Co OH; James who married Nancy Coleman(?) and went to Monroe Co OH; Thomas who married Catherine Bell and went to Richland Co OH, later Grant Co IN; Rebecca; Rachel; Diana who married Thomas Thornburg; Susannah; and Elizabeth. 
Pyatt, Jacob (I5120)
131 1. WFT Volume 4, Tree #3560, Volume 11, Tree #788
2. Occupation: Indian Trader/Farmer
3. From "Ohio Footsteps", vol. 99, issue 410: CHURCHES OF THE CUMBERLAND VALLEY
Among those who had settled in Tuscara Path or Path Valley, through which the road to Allegheny lies were: John Armstrong, Reynold Alexander, Robert Baker, James Blair, Andrew Dunlap, Alexander Dunlap, Felix Doyle, Alex. McCartie, Moses Moore, Jacob PYATT, SR., Jacob PYATT, JR., Samuel Patterson, John Potts, Wm. Ramage, Abraham Slack and Robert Wilson. First preaching there about 1767 by Rev. Robert Cooper, later in 1773 by Rev. Samuel Dougall.
4. From History of Franklin County, Fannett - 1761 pages 578, 579, and 580(Internet):
The greater part of this township lies in what is known as Path Valley, in olden times called "Tuscarora Path." Originally the township included what is now Metal Township. Here, as in other parts of the county, came settlers prior to the time of the extinguishment of the Indian title to the land. The three valleys--Path, Amberson's and Horse by their beauty and fertility attracted immigrants who, with the consent of the Indians, with whom they maintained the most friendly relations for some time, located and commenced their great life work. But in a short time, so strong was the stream of immigration, the Indians became alarmed for their possessions, and in 1744 they notified the colonial authorities that they objected to have their lands taken by the whites, especially where they were acting in violation of express stipulations formerly entered into. The government called upon the authorities ---the magistrates of Cumberland County--to expel the intruders. In May, 1750, Richard Peters, secretary of the governor, attended by Benjamin Chambers, William Maxwell, William Allison, John Findlay, and other magistrates, went over to Path Valley, where they found the settlers, Abraham Slack, James Blair, Moses Moore, Arthur Dunlop, Alex McCartie, David Lewis, Adam McCartie, Felix Doyle, Reynold Alexander, Samuel Patterson, John Armstrong, John Potts, Andrew Dunlop, Robert Wilson, JACOB PYATT, Wm. Ramage and others, and brought them before the magistrate's court, tried and convicted each, and put them under bonds to remove at once with their families out of the valley, "taking servants and effects" and to appear in Carlisle and answer such charges as might be made against them. Their houses and other improvements were burned, by order of the court. When the land was purchased of the Indians, October 23, 1758, some of these settlers retruned and became permanent residents of the valley. 
Pyatt, Jacob (I5138)
132 1.From "The Descendants of Andrew Jackson Pittser" by B. W. Thompson, Sr., 1998, pg. 11, 17, 18:
Matthias and Michael Bitzer arrived in Portsmouth on the ship 'Forest' on 10 October 1752 and shortly thereafter gave their oaths to the government at the courthouse in Philadelphia.
From Philadelphia, the Bitzer brothers made the long journey to Lancaster county where they eventually saved enough to purchase land. Michael married Sophia Boshaar there in 1755. Matthias' marriage is not recorded in Lancaster Co., PA and it is believed that he married elsewhere. Michael and Matthias settled and farmed in an area where other German immigrants were already living. In 1765 they became naturalized citizens (from "Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American Colonies" by M. S. Cuiseppi). Sometime after 1765, they decided to move south to Frederick County, VA. The part of Frederick County where they settled eventually became Berkeley County, Virginia.
When the Revolutionary War broke out, they did not join in combat, but helped with non-military aid (food, supplies, etc.). They are named in the book, "West Virginia Revolutionary War Ancestors", by Reddy, as having provided non-military service to the colonial troops.
Michael and Matthias lived out their lives in Berkeley County and all of their children were born there.
2. From "Pennsylvania German Pioneers Volume 1: Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808", pg. 494-495: [List 188 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Tuesday, 10th October 1752.
Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Forest, Captain Patrick Auchterlony, from Rotterdam and last from Portsmouth in England, did this day take the usual Oaths to the Government. No. 106. *Listed are Michel Bitzer and Mattheis Bitzer*
3. Lineage of Matthias BITZER (Internet):
Matthias and his brother Michael BITZER emigrated from Germany and sailed on the ship "Forest" [Captain Patrick Ouchterlong] from Rotterdam, Netherlands, to Portsmouth on October 10, 1752. Michael was 18 years old and Matthias was 16 years old. Mathias was naturalized as Mathias PITZER by the Supreme Court at Philadelphia, in Leacock Township, Lancaster County, PA. Matthias moved to Berkeley County, VA and resided there until his death in 1816.
Matthias BITZER
born abt 1736 GERMANY
died 10 Jun 1816, Berkeley Co., VA
marr PA, Margaret ____________
--+Conrad PITZER died 14 Mar 1876
--+Matthias PITZER
--+Jacob PITZER
--+Samuel PITZER
--+Andrew PITZER marr Eve ____________
--+John PITZER born 27 Dec 1777 died 05 Jan 1857, Clinton Co., OH
--+Michael PITZER born 1778 died 09 Oct 1860, Clinton Co., OH
--+William PITZER born 1790, Berkeley Co., VA died Apr 1873
--+James PITZER born 08 Jul 1792, Berkeley Co., VA died 08 Jul 1871, Clinton Co., OH
4. Emigration information documented in "Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania, 1727-1776" by Prof. Daniel Rupp, 1965
5. From "Descendants of Jacob Bitzer" by Dana Bostwick (Internet): (1) Information obtained from records of Madeline Griffith by Roxanne [De Haven] Bostwick: provides biographical information on Matthias Bitzer and descendants. (2) Ship's Passanger List: Michael and his brother Matthias emigrated from Germany and sailed on the Ship Forest [Captain Patrick Ouchterlong] from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Portsmouth on October 10, 1752. Michael was 18 years old and Matthias was 20 years old. (3) US Census record, Virginia, 1810: Matthias later moved to Berkeley County, Virginia, where he resided until his death in1816. (4) Joe Dessel, e-mail, April 1998: provides parents and birth information for Michael and Matthias Bitzer, and marriages of Conrad Bitzer, referencing microfilm # 1189974 for the family registry and microfilm #s 1189972 to 1189975 for the complete church records for Tailfingen, Wuerttemberg, Germany. 5. Birth Source: Tailfingen Family Register, Film # 1189974, Family # U94
6. Census information:
*Mathias Pitzer is listed on the 1776 and1777 Rent Roll for Berkely Co., VA
*From 1810 census, Berkeley Co., VA, pg. 535:
Matthias Pitser: 3 m. 16-26, 1 m. 45+ (Matthias, 77); 1 f. 45+
7. WILL OF MATTHIAS BITZER from Book of Wills, Berkeley County, Virginia, page 369:
In the name of God Amen. I Mathias Bitzer of Berkeley County and the State of Virginia, being weak in body but of Sound Memory, Blessed be God do this Seventh day of May in the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve, Make and Publish this my last will and testament in the manner following. That is to say, First I give and bequeath to my dear Wife, Margaret Bitzer, all my Estate wherein I now live during her life. My two young sons, Namely James Bitzer and Samuel Bitzer being with her, my dear wife Margaret, & so go on with their work as we always did to make a living and if they raise, or can raise, any thing on the place after my decease shall be their own, but if my two sons herein above mentioned would go and learn trades, Some of the rest of their brothers may go on the place and have the same. It is my will that none but my own children shall come on the place. No, No strangers shall. And after my dear Wife, her decease, I give my Real Estate to my seven sons, Namely, Andrew Bitzer, Conrad Bitzer, John Bitzer, Mathias Bitzer, William Bitzer, James Bitzer and Samuel Bitzer, to be equally divided among them. But never the less to permit my two Sons, Michael Bitzer & Jacob Bitzer, they have got a hundred acres of land between them, a fifty each of them & a deed for it, and that is their share, & if there is any of the Moveables Reserved after my dear Wife, her decease, that shall be equally divided among the seven sons herein first mentioned. Namely, Andrew Bitzer, Conrad Bitzer, John Bitzer, Mathias Bitzer, William Bitzer, James Bitzer and Samuel Bitzer, but not of what them that stays with the mother on the place can, if they raise horses & cows or any sort is for themselves and their mother. They must work for & further it. It is my will that my dear Wife, after my decease, shall have all the Liberty in the house we now live in, during her life, not to be disturbed by any body and also I make and ordain in this my last will and testament, my dear Wife to be Executor in this my last will and testament and She may have a Guardian. In witness hereof I, the said Mathias Bitzer leave this my last will and testament, set my name, hand and seal this day and year first above written. Mathias Bitzer (seal)
Signed, Sealed and Delivered by the said
Mathias Bitzer as and for his Last Will and
Testament in the presence of all those present
at the Signing and Sealing thereof.

Willilam Paull Samuel Hedges Joseph Hedges 
Bitzer, Matthias John (I2757)
133 12-year-old Georg was living with David and Margaret Cherry in Lucas Co., Ohio in 1860. David was born in Germany but Margaret was born in Ohio. Could she be Georg’s older sister? Byshire, Georg (I6193)
134 1840 census, Richmond Twp., Howard Co., Missouri:

Reuben Watts
1 male 5-9
1 male 15-19
1 male 20-29
1 male 40-49
1 female under 5
1 female 10-14
1 female 20-29 
Watts, Reuben (I7613)
135 1860 census Pulaski co, Monroe Twp. IN Res. #150
Eli Gillam 30 M farmer 2000 380 IN
Emily 27 F IN #13 (cannot read or write)
Hannah 5 F IN
Maryette (Maryella?) 3 F IN
Sarah A. 1 F IN 
Gillam, Elijah H (I4000)
136 1860 Census White County, Monticello, Union Twp. Indiana
census page 99, #726/727 lines 14-16
Jeremiah Bisher Jr., 25, m, farmer, -. 700, Indiana
Victoria, 17, f, houisekeeper, Indiana
Ellen, 6/12, f, Indiana

1870 Carroll Co., Jefferson Twp., P8, #56
Jeremiah Bisher, 35, m,w, farmer, 1600, 300, IN, #19
Victory 28,f,w,IN, parents both foreign born
A.L. 10, f,IN, attend school
S.A. 8,m,w,IN, attend school
William 2,m,w IN

1880 Carroll Co., IN Jefferson Twp. p4c famillly 63
Bisher, Jerry w,m,45, married, farmer, In,PA, NY
Victoria, w,f,38 wife, married, keeping house, Ind, England, England
Ellen V. w,f,20 daughter, at home, fever/rheumatic, Ind, Ind, Ind
Samuel, w,m,17, son, farmer, attends school, Ind, Ind, Ind
Joseph, w,m,12,son, attends school, Ind,Ind,Ind
Collins, Charlie, w,m,22, servant, farm hand, Ind, Ind,Ind

1900 Brown Co. Indiana, Jackson Twp. ed 25. page 6B line 67-71
Bishir, Jeremiah, head, w, m, jan 2835, age 65, married 41 years. IN, PA, NY, farmer, read write and speak english, rented farm
Victoria, wife, f, july 1841, age 58, maried 41 yrs, 2 children, 2 alive still. IN, England, England, read, write and speak english
William J., son, m, Mar 1868, 32, single, IN,IN,IN, farm laborer, read, write and speak english
Isaiah, brother, m, aug 1833, aged 66, single, IN,PA,NY, farm laborer, read, write and speak english
Keever, Walter J., grand son, m, mar 1885, aged 15, single, IN,IN,IN, at school 
Bishir, Jeremiah Jr. (I3927)
137 1860, 1870 Census with parents

1880 Census, White Co., IN Union Tp. page 4 #28 (Brother In Law, Ransom Gilmore is #27)
Bisher, Albert w,m,28, married, farm laborer, IN,PA,OH
Angeline w,f,20, wife, married, IN,IN,IN
Fannie w,f,3,daughter, single , IN,IN,IN

1900 White Co., IN, Cass Twp.

1910 Benton Co,. IN, Oak Grove Twp, Oxford

1920 Benton Co., IN, Oak Grove Twp., Oxford

- - - - - - - - - -
In Sutton Cemetery, there are Bisher Children, next to Albert and Angeline. There are no markers and the site is fenced in. In a visit to the graves in Oct of 2003, the stone is legible for Albert and Angeline. But the graves for the children and the fence are gone.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
From the Winamac Democrat Journal, 17 Feb 1899 page 3 column 5
and the other fellow got a wife- miss-taken dreams of bliss

A big sensation comes from Royal Center, in which figures a trio of parties well known in Van Buren township, this county, wherein two suitors for a fair young lady played their hands and the old folks' favorite easily won. The story goes that Fannie A. Bisher, whose home is with her parents about two and a half miles west of Royal Center, had two lovers. One was John Engle of Van Buren, said to be her favorite, and the other, Jas. B. Jester of that locality, the favorite of the girl's parents. Monday Miss Bisher was at home, having returned from near Star City. Engle is said to have driven to the Bisher mansion in his buggy and induced her to enter the vehicle. Then, the story continues, he drove off with her to her Uncle's. When she arrived ther she became alarmed over previous threats that had been made by Bisher and begged to return. To Mr. Engle's offer to return with her she objected, saying that her father would kill both of them if he did. She was then taken back home by her uncle, wohe name is Worden. Her father, James Bisher(*see note) , then went to the capital of Boone and had Engle arrested for abduction, while Engle, who was also there, wanted the old man put under bonds to keep the peace. Both cases were dismissed and Engle pleaded guilty to a charge of assault and battery before Justice Fry and was assessed $5.00 and costs. The trouble ended Tuesday with a marriage licence issued to James B. Jester, who won out in the fight for a girl by probably sitting still and sawing wood. Melville Gill also had a hand in the mix-up as Mr. Engle's friend. Mr. Bisher went to Logansport to get the license and the couple is doubtless ere this safely landed in the state of matrimony. May they have peace hereafter.

*note from Lori, I don't know where the notion that James Bisher is her father came from. I have several sources that state Albert was her father.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have found nothing in death records in Pulaski Co. for either Albert or Angeline. Nor White Co. Maybe Benton Co. since Fannie lived there?


According to Teresa Bishir Barrier, they lived 2 1/2 mile's West of Royal Center Indiana I
believe that would be Cass Co.They left there at some point and moved to
Oxford,Indiana in Benton Co. After death they returned to Pulaski Co. to
be buried in the Sutton cemetery. There is one more child they called Harry he died at a very
young age 9 or 10 maybe. 
Bishir, Albert Kingsbury (I3920)
138 1870
- - - - - - - - - -
1880 Indiana, White Co., Union Twp. ed180,p1Aand 1B #9
Stoner Fred w,m,31 married, farmer b. PA, PA,PA
Stoner Maria J., W,f,22, wife, married, keeping house, IN,PA,IN
James A., w,m,4,son, IN,PA,IN
Robert E., w,m,7/12, son, IN,PA,IN
Bisher, Geo., w,m,19, boarder, farmer, IN,PA,IN

1900 with Dell Cox.

Oregon, Linn Co., Tallman Precinct ed175, page 6A
line 35 dwelling #107
Merritt Jerry M. head, m,w,54,M3,current marriage has been for 6 years, b. Iowa, father b. KY, mother b. OH, farmer
Merritt, Jennie M., wife, f,w,52, married 3rd time, married for 6 years, 10 children born 5 curently alive, IN,OH,IN no occ.
Cox, Mabel, step dau, f.w.14, single, OR,NY,IN
Cox Christie, step dau, f,w,12, single, OR, NY,IN
both Mabel and Christie in School.

1930 census-OR, LInn Co. Tallman, ed 22-59 sheet 1A on Golden STation Road,dwelling #11
Merritt, Jennie M., head, owned house,farm, f,w,72, widowed, able to read and write, IN,PA, US, raises poultry. 
Bishir, Maria Jane (I3917)
139 1870 Census Pulaski co., IN Monroe Twp. #276
Lowery, McDon. 32, M, farmer, 2500,700,OH
Hannah 23, F, keeping house, IN
George 4, M,IN
Liz 7, F,IN
(note, I am not sure if Liz is a dau or not, she maybe McDonald's relation somehow.)
The next household is one John and Margaret Lowrey. Possibly father of McDonald?)

1880 Union Twp. White Co. IN ed180, p8 #38
Lowrey, McDd w,m,42,married, farmer???,OH,VA, OH
Hannah w,f,32,wife, married, keeping house,IN,PA,IN
Georgie, w,m, 12, son, single, musician, IN,OH,IN(both Georgie and Elza attend school)
Elza, w,m,10,son,single, musician, IN,OH,IN
Bisher, John, w,m,30,servant,single, farm laborer, cannot read or write, IN,PA,IN
Cayman, Angeline, w,f,11, servant, single, servant, attend school,IN,IN,IN
Nodine, Emery, w,m,27, boarder, single, brick maker, Conn,Conn, NJ
Newton, Harry, w,m,23,boarder, single, laborer at Bricker, PA,PA,PA
Cay/Coy, Frank,w,m,22,boarder, single, laborer at Bricker, NY,NY,NY
(next house is Wm. Ferguson and Mary M. Mary is Hannah's sister, Emily's dau.) 
Bishir, Hannah (I3916)
140 1870 Census Pulaski co., Monroe Twp. IN Res#5
Emily Gilim 38 F Keeping House 2000 100 IN
Hannah 15 F IN School
Mary 14 F IN School
Sarah 12 F IN School
Jeremiah 9 M IN School
Thomas 6 M IN School

1880 Census Page 16 Pulaski County, Monroe Twp enumeration district 150
#134/135 lines 32-35
Gillam, Emily, w , f, 49, #11, keeping house, Ind, PA, OH
Jeremiah 19, son, #9, Farm hand, #14, #21, Ind, Ind, Ind
Sarah A.20, daugh,#9, Ind, Ind, Ind
Thomas E(?) 15, son, #9, farmhand, #14, #21, Ind, Ind,Ind

9 Mar 1884 there is an Eloise Gillam marrying in Pulaski co. Get copy of info book h-1 page 35 There is no spouse listed here on the internet. By the dates, Eloise may be Sarah...(Index to supplemental Marriage license records)

1900 Indiana, Pulaski, Winamac, ED 96
Hoover, Emily, head, w,f,Oct 1831, 68,wd, 5,5,IN,PA, OH, looks like Washerwoman, 2,y,y,y,o,f,house
Gillam, Thomas E., son, w,m,nov 1864,single, IN,IN,IN, Day Laborer, 6,y,y,y

Emily is buried right next to Eli in Winamac Cemetery

researcher on deborah horrocks
she had Emily listed and Eli but nothing further. Assume to be a Gillam Researcher as nothing for Emily's parents where Eli's were listed. 
Bishir, Emily (I3925)
141 1870 White Co., IN Big Creek Twp., With Hornbeck family.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
from :

A Standard History of White County Indiana An Authentic Narrative of the Past, with an Extended Survey of Modern Developments in the Progress of Town and Country Under the Supervision of
Isaiah was a charter member of the Knights of Pythias Monticello Lodge #73 on 29 Oct 1877

- - - - - - - - -

1880 census (this is a believe to be correct, need to search more, it is the only Isaiah b. in IN in white Co. close to 1833)
Indiana, White Co., Big Creek Twp., Chalmers, ed 184, page 2B, lines 40-49 (Isaiah is line 49) (all are white)
Karp, Jacob, male, age 46, head of house, farmer, b. IN, parents b. PA
Sarah, f, 43, keeping house, IN, MD, MD
Florence, f,16,daughter, at home, in school, IN,IN,IN (all rest of children b. IN as well)
Lydia, f,14,daughter, at home, in school
Elija, m,11,son, at home, in school
Edward, 8, son, in school
Hattie, 5, daughter,
Maggie M., 2 daughter
Stephens, Andrew, w,m,16 servant, farmhand, IN,HJ,NJ
Basher, Isaiah,w,m,age looks like could be 46 , boarder, farmer, IN, NY,NY

- - - - - - - - - -

Monticello Herald Sep 11, 1884
A Foul Attemp to Poison Isaiah Bishir by Putting Strychine in His Bitters
another chemical analysis and more light thrown upon a mysterious departure

Prof. W. H. Peters, the LaFayette chemist, upon whom White county now depends for its sensational developments, finds in this vicinity a rich field for his professional skill. Aside from the Spense and Switzer anaylses he has lately been engaged in the investigation of another case of suspected poisoning, the particulars of which, so far as can be gathered, as as follows:
Some months ago Mr. Isaiah Bishir, a bachelor farmer, who lives south of town, being in poor health prepared for himself a jug of root bitters of which he partook from time to time as occasion seemed to require. One day soon after imbibing he suffered an attack of illness marked by a twitching of his muscles. He at once attributed it to his medicine, and after recovering from the attack he let the jug severely alone for several days. By and by having concluded that perhaps he was mistaken or that his illness was caused by an overdose, he ventured to take another drink of bitters. It was followed by the same results as before. He was now convinced that somebody had tampered with the jug and putting a number of circumstances together he settled his suspicions upon M.J. Julian, one of his neighbors, with whom he remembered drinking from the jug at a short time before his first attack, and to whom its place of concealment was known. He kept his own counsel and by a little observation was strengthened in his suspicion. Though his attacks of sickness were kept from the neighbors as far as possible, Julianne seemed to have heard of them and made inquiry of Bishir about his condition. He wanted to take the jug and have the bitters analyzed, which Bishir promptly refused, at the same time intimating that he knew that he had been poisoned and that he also knew the guilty party. Soon afterward Julian came to town and in conversation with Dr. Robison, an officer of the A.O.U.W. lodge, expressed his intention to " transfer the certificate of insurance which he held upon the life of Bishir " to some other beneficiary, as he feared that he might be charged on that account with foul play in case of the death of the insured. The subsequent flight of Julian for parts unknown, as hereto for notes it in the HERALD, has given new weight to the above the suspicious circumstances, and a sample of the contents of the jug was lately submitted to chemist Peters for analysis. On Monday he reported the finding of strychnine in the bitters, and the community is now on the alert for further developments.

- - - - - - - - - -
1900 with brother Jeremiah and wife, Victoria, in Brown Co. Jackson Twp. Ed 25 p6B #118 line 70. (see their family for more info) 
Bisher, Isaiah (I3926)
142 1880
White Co., Indiana, Union Twp., Census page 251d dwelling 27
Gilmore, Ransom, w,m,48, married, farmer, (unable to read birth places...)
Malinda, w,f,41,wife, married, keeping house, IN, PA, OH
Thomas w,m,18, son, single, farm laborer, IN,?,IN
Maria, w,f,17, dau, single at home, school, IN,?,IN
Jeremiah, w,m,15, son, single, at home, school, IN,?,IN
William, w,m,12, son, single, at home school, IN,?,IN
Clara M. w,f,9, dau., single, at home,school, IN,?,IN
Lula E., w,f, 6, dau., single, at home, school, IN,?,IN
Effie, w,f,4, dau., single at home, IN,?,IN
Emma, w,f 1, dau., single, at home, IN?,IN

1900 IN, White Co., Union Twp. ED 138 Sheet 10B #203
Gillmore, Ransom, head, w,m,July 1832, 67,marr., 40 years, OH, MASS, KY, farmer, own farm
Melinda, wife, w,f,Sept 1838, 61, marr., 40 years, 8,8, IN,PA,IN
Emma, dau., w,f,Mar 1879, 21, single, IN,OH,IN 
Bishir, Malinda (I3923)
143 1880 Cass Co., Boone Twp. IN page 198 D line 48
Weaver, William w,m,35,[self], married, farmer,Germany, Germany, Germany
Hannah w,f,25,wife,married,Ind, Penn, Penn
Mary w,f,3,dau, Ind, Germany, Ind
John w,m,1m, son, Ind, Germany, Ind

1900 Wyandot Co., Marseilles Twp. OH page 10A line 42 (22=read English, 23 is speak English, 24 write)
Weaver, William head, w,m,feb 1845,55,marr,25,-,-,Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland,- - - farmer
22,23,24 owned, farm
Hannah wife, w,f, Jan 1856 44 marr. 25,7,7, Ind, Ind, Ind,22,23,24
John son, w,m,May 1880, 20, single, Ind, Switz, Ind, farm laborer, 22,23,24
Frank son, w,m,Nov 1882, 17, single, Ind, Switz, Ind, farm labore, 22,23,24
William son, w,m,May 1885, 15, single, OH,Switz, Ind, at school, 1,4,22,23,24
Jeremiah son w,m, Aug 1887, 12, single, OH, Switz, Ind, at school, 7 months, 22,23,24
Edna dau, f,w,Dec 1889, 10 single OH, Switz, Ind, at school, 7 months, 22,23,24
Harry son, m,w,May 1891, 8 single, OH, Switz, Ind, at school, 7 months, 22,23,24

1910 Wyandot Co., Marseilles Twp., OH page 8b line 57
Weaver, Willima head, m,w,65,married 34,- - Switzerland, Switzerland, Swithzerland, emmigrated 1853, not naturalized, speaks English, farmer, general farm, reads and writes English
Hannah, wife, f,w,59,married 34, 7,7, IN, IN,IN home, reads and writes English (hereafter this is assumed)
John H. son, m,w,29,single, IN, Switzerland, IN, farm laborer
Edna B. dau, f,w,20, single, OH, Switzerland, IN, no occ.
Harry R. son, m,w,18, single, OH, Switzerland, IN, farm laborer 
Weaver, William Earl (I4119)
144 1880 Census Jasper Co., Gillam Twp.,
res#87, fam#87
Bisher, Jeremiah22farmerb.IN, father b. OH, mother b. IN
Lydia20, wifekeeping houseIN,IN,IN

1900 Census, Jasper co., Gillam Twp., page 5B #95/96 (next door to brother John)
Bisher, Jeremiah head, w,m,aug 1857, 42, m 20,b. IN,OH,IN farmer
Lydia wife, mar 1860,40,m 20,3,3, b IN,IN,IN weaver
Opha G. son b. may 1881,19 single, b. iN,IN,IN farm laborer
Effie D. dau b. sep 1883,16 single, b. IN,IN,IN at school
Alfred E. son b. apr 1889,11, single, b. IN,IN,IN at school

1910 Gillam Twp. p1a,#2
Bisher, Jeremiah, head, m,w,62,married, 30,IN,OH,IN, English, farmer
Lydia, wife, f,w,50,married, 36, 3,3, IN,IN,IN, English, no occ.
Alfred, son,m,w,24,single IN,IN,IN, English, laborer
Effie, daughter, f,w,23, single, in,in,in,English, no occ.

1920 Bisher, Jerry, head, owned with mortgage, m,w,63,married, -,-,-,-,y,y,IN,IN,IN,farrmer, gen. farming
Lydia, wife, f,w,59, married, y,y,IN,IN,IN, no occ.

1930 Gillam Twp., page 3a, #43
Bisher, Jerry, head, m(?),-,no,yes,m,w,73, married, 23,n,y,IN,OH,IN, 60, stockman no veteran
Lydia, wife, f,w,70, married, 19, n,y,IN,IN,IN, 60,yes, no occ.

Certificate of Death Registration
Jasper County IN Health Dept.
Jeremiah Bisher (no middle name listed)
Date of Death 25 Feb 1931
Place of Death Gillam Township
Age 74 years Marital Status Married Gender Male
Cause of Death Chronic Intestinal Nephritis
Certified by M D Gwin MD
Cemetery Independence Cemetery, Jasper County Disposition Date 2-27-1931
Funeral Home Prevo O Miller
File Date 2/27/1931 Book D11 Page/Line 59#22

Birth Date 08/24/1857
Birth place Jasper Co. IN
Occupation Farmer
Spouse Lydia Bisher
Father Miles (no middle name) Bisher Born IN
Mother Levina Gillam Born IN
Informants Name Apha Bisher Francesville no relationship listed
1880 Census Jasper Co., Gillam Twp.,
res#87, fam#87
Bisher, Jeremiah22farmerb.IN, father b. OH, mother b. IN
Lydia20, wifekeeping houseIN,IN,IN

1900 Census, Jasper co., Gillam Twp., page 5B #95/96 (next door to brother John)
Bisher, Jeremiah head, w,m,aug 1857, 42, m 20,b. IN,OH,IN farmer
Lydia wife, mar 1860,40,m 20,3,3, b IN,IN,IN weaver
Opha G. son b. may 1881,19 single, b. iN,IN,IN farm laborer
Effie D. dau b. sep 1883,16 single, b. IN,IN,IN at school
Alfred E. son b. apr 1889,11, single, b. IN,IN,IN at school

1910 Gillam Twp. p1a,#2
Bisher, Jeremiah, head, m,w,62,married, 30,IN,OH,IN, English, farmer
Lydia, wife, f,w,50,married, 36, 3,3, IN,IN,IN, English, no occ.
Alfred, son,m,w,24,single IN,IN,IN, English, laborer
Effie, daughter, f,w,23, single, in,in,in,English, no occ.

1920 Bisher, Jerry, head, owned with mortgage, m,w,63,married, -,-,-,-,y,y,IN,IN,IN,farrmer, gen. farming
Lydia, wife, f,w,59, married, y,y,IN,IN,IN, no occ.

1930 Gillam Twp., page 3a, #43
Bisher, Jerry, head, m(?),-,no,yes,m,w,73, married, 23,n,y,IN,OH,IN, 60, stockman no veteran
Lydia, wife, f,w,70, married, 19, n,y,IN,IN,IN, 60,yes, no occ.

Certificate of Death Registration
Jasper County IN Health Dept.
Jeremiah Bisher (no middle name listed)
Date of Death 25 Feb 1931
Place of Death Gillam Township
Age 74 years Marital Status Married Gender Male
Cause of Death Chronic Intestinal Nephritis
Certified by M D Gwin MD
Cemetery Independence Cemetery, Jasper County Disposition Date 2-27-1931
Funeral Home Prevo O Miller
File Date 2/27/1931 Book D11 Page/Line 59#22

Birth Date 08/24/1857
Birth place Jasper Co. IN
Occupation Farmer
Spouse Lydia Bisher
Father Miles (no middle name) Bisher Born IN
Mother Levina Gillam Born IN
Informants Name Apha Bisher Francesville no relationship listed 
Bisher, Jeremiah (I3975)
145 1880 census with McDonald Lowrey family Bishir, John (I4117)
146 1880 census with parents
- - - - - - - - - -

Cass Co. IN Index to Marriage Record 1850-1920 Inclusive Vol 2 Letters G-M Inclusive (WPA, original records at clerks office, Logansport)
name: James B. Jester
Spouse: Fannie A. Bishir
Marriage Date 15 Feb 1899
Book 17 source page 292
- - - - - - - - - -

1900 Census Indiana, Cass Co., Boone Twp. (page 19 images online)
Jester, James R. head, white, male, Nov. 1869, 31, married, 1, IN,MD,MD, farmer, read,write,speak
english, own farm
Fannie A. wife, white, female, Jan 1877, 23,married 1, 0,0,IN,IN,IN,read, write, and speak english,
no occ.
- - - - - - - - - -
From Index to Marriage Applications 1905-1922 Letters A-Z (compiled by the WPA- records at clerks office)
Name: Fannie Jester
Father: Albert
Mother: A. Denman
Gender: F
Birth Date: 18 Jan 1877
Book 6 source page 135

Name: Paul Smith
Spouse: Fannie Jester
Marriage Date: 11 July 1909
Date 22 Feb 1885
Book 6, source page 135
- - - - - - - - - -

1910 Benton Co., IN, OakGrove Twp., Oxford #20

1920 Benton Co., IN, Oak Grove Twp., Oxford #276

1930 Benton Co., IN Oak Grove Twp., Oxford #64

Oxford Cemetery is West of Oxford on SR 352 
Bishir, Fannie A. (I3945)
147 1880 census with sister, Sarah Wright. Big Creek Twp. They were granted Guardianship after Jeremiah's death.
1885 Kansas census, living in Kirwin, Kansas
- - - - - - - - - -
1900 West Prairie Twp., Poinsett Co., Arkansas
Bishir, James,head,w,m,Jan,1860,40,M,6,Indiana,Indiana,Indiana,Day Laborer
,Marry L,wife,w,f,Feb,1850,50,M,6,7,3,Indiana,Indiana,Indiana
- - - - - - - - - -
1910 West Prairie Twp., Poinsett Co., Arkansas
Bishir, James, head, M, W, 50, M1, 15, Indiana, Indiana, Indiana, English, Laborer, Odd Jobs
Mary L., wife, F, W, 60, M3, 15, 6, 3, Indiana, Indiana, Indiana, English
- - - - - - - - - -
1920 Arkansas, Poinsett Co., West Prairie Twp. ED 200 pg 1A#6
Bishir, James, head, O,F,m,w,59,married,-,-,-,-,y,y,IN,PA,IN,y,farmer
Mary L(?), wife,f,w,69,married,-,-,-,-,IN,y,no occ.
-- - - - - - - - - -
1930 Arkansas, Poinsett Co., Owen Twp, Wiener Town, ED 56-19, p2A #25
Bishir, James, head, O,2000,-,n,m,w,70,widowed,-,n,n,IN,PA,IN,-,60,-,-,-,-,y,no occ.
George, brother, -,-,-,no,m,w,69,married at age 21,n,n,IN,PA,IN,60,-,-,-,-,y,no occ.

- - - - - - - - - -
obituary White County Democrat 24 March 1944

James Bishir

James Bishir, 84, a native of Monticello, died Feb. 24, at Weiner, Arkansas, where he had resided for 54 years. The burial was made at the Weiner Cemetery.
the deceased was born in January 12, 1860, the son of Jeremiah and Mary(Gillam) Bishir, 3 1/2 miles southwest of Monticello. His father took up a homestead here in 1822, and raised a family of 21 children, 11 boys and 10 girls. Jeremiah Bishir built the large brick house in the year 1838. The brick was made on the farm. At the time of his death in 1875, he owned over 2000 acres in White County.
The Modern News of Harrisburg Arkansas, in reporting Mr. Bishir's death, stated " Jim Bishir as he was known to everyone in Weiner, was noted for his joking, and jovial disposition and eccentric beliefs. He moved to Weiner about 54 years ago, and was always named as one of the pioneers of the community. 
Bishir, James B (I3919)
148 1880 Census: Rochester, Fulton, In
Ulrich Woodcocks, 25, OH
Mary, 22, IN, PA, OH
Samel, 2/12, IN

1900 Census:

1910 Census: Union, Fulton, IN
Samuel Woodcox, 30, married once for 12 years
Lizzie, 27, married once for 12 years, 3 children, 3 living
Neoma, 11
Norra, 9
Mable, 6

1920 Census: Aubbeenaubbee, Fulton, IN
Samuel Woodcox, 39
Lizzie, 37
Mable, 16

July 1942: Survivors are three brothers, Roy [WOODCOX], Harley [WOODCOX], and Sam WOODCOX, all of Rochester; two sons, Herman [YSBERG], of Rochester, and Hugh [YSBERG], at home; two daughters, Mrs. Helen SHOWLEY, of Rochester, and Nina Fay [YSBERG], at home.

June 1945: Survivors are two brothers, Sam [WOODCOX] of Leiters Ford and Ray [WOODCOX] of Rochester.

Monday, April 25, 1949: Samuel WOODCOX, 67, well-known farmer, died at 8:55 a.m. today at his home eight miles west of Rochester. He had been seriously ill for the past three weeks. Mr. Woodcox had many friends in the western section of Fulton County. He was born April 18, 1880, in Fulton county. His parents were [Ulrich] and Mary (WALES) WOODCOX. On Jan. 1, 1898, he was married to Lizzie MILLIZER. Mr. Woodcox attended the Sharon Holiness church of Aubbeenaubbee township. Surviving are his wife; three daughters, Mrs. William HAYES of Rochester, Mrs. Nora OVERMYER of Idaville and Mrs. Mable BELL of Kewanna; a brother, Ray WOODCOX of Rochester; eleven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. (DST). The [Rev.] Mrs. Edith BRUNER, assisted by the Rev. Cecil KLINE, will officiate. Burial will be in the [Moon] cemetery. The body is at the Foster funeral home, this city. 
Woodcox, Samuel E. (I3673)
149 1900 census lists his birth year as 1893 Bishir, Charles C (I3896)
150 1900 Census, Oregon, Linn Co., Crawford ED 42
line 21 dwelling #184
Cox, Dell C. head, m,w, April 1851, age 49, married, Born NY, father b. NY, mother b. NY
Cox, Jennie wife, w,f,Mar 1858, 42, married,IN, OH, IN
Stoner, Hesther step dau, w,f,Jan 1884, 16, single,IN,PA, IN
Stoner, Pearl, step dau, w,f,Mar 1886, 14, single, IN,PA, IN
Cox, Mabel daughter, w,f,Jul 1885*, 4, OR, NY, IN
Cox, Christina, daughter, w,f,Sep 1887*,2,single, OR, NY,IN

I believe the enumerator made an error on the year birth for Mabel and Christina. It is clearly 85 and 87, but then the ages are screwed up. Frederick Stoner died in 1891, so they wouldn't have been born in the 80's. 
Cox, Dell (I3954)

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