Los Angeles Co., California



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wilkes, Ronald “Loren”  18 Aug 1929Los Angeles Co., California I10168
2 Todd, Fred F  15 May 1927Los Angeles Co., California I10354
3 Steppler, Alfredda Grace  13 Oct 1922Los Angeles Co., California I10158
4 Ostoich, Walter Harold  12 Oct 1927Los Angeles Co., California I1013
5 Mills, Earl F.  1 Jan 1923Los Angeles Co., California I6519
6 Mendenhall, Arnold Raymond  5 Sep 1933Los Angeles Co., California I225
7 McKenzie, William Alonzo  Abt 1861Los Angeles Co., California I9870
8 Lee, Verna Hazel  21 Apr 1917Los Angeles Co., California I1101
9 Lee, Clarence Fred  25 Jan 1912Los Angeles Co., California I1090
10 Holmes, Margaret Theresa  1930Los Angeles Co., California I10345
11 Holmes, John Holmes  1936Los Angeles Co., California I10346
12 Hernberger, Gladys Marjorie  10 Mar 1919Los Angeles Co., California I7313
13 Gray, Willard C.  18 Feb 1856Los Angeles Co., California I9850
14 Grant, Clara Elizabeth  28 Jun 1895Los Angeles Co., California I1106
15 Bisher, Nadyne E.  2 Apr 1924Los Angeles Co., California I3804
16 Bisher, John Lawrence  24 Feb 1926Los Angeles Co., California I3805
17 Bakman, Ernest John  30 Mar 1925Los Angeles Co., California I6520


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Winter, Ivan C.  18 Apr 1984Los Angeles Co., California I6524
2 Wilkes, Ronald “Loren”  19 Jun 1991Los Angeles Co., California I10168
3 Todd, Doris Cecilia  14 Sep 1970Los Angeles Co., California I6470
4 Todd, Catherine Elizabeth  6 Feb 1986Los Angeles Co., California I6468
5 Thomas, Martha Rose  Abt 1903Los Angeles Co., California I1524
6 Thomas, Cecil James  14 Aug 1988Los Angeles Co., California I7362
7 Tavornick, Patronella  7 Jul 1958Los Angeles Co., California I1068
8 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  4 May 1959Los Angeles Co., California I6464
9 Seman, Stella  Nov 1976Los Angeles Co., California I5817
10 Scharf, Joshua  1 Mar 1949Los Angeles Co., California I6436
11 Ostoich, Walter Harold  17 Aug 1992Los Angeles Co., California I1013
12 Ostoich, John Joseph  31 Dec 1991Los Angeles Co., California I946
13 Morris, June Lorraine  25 Jun 2005Los Angeles Co., California I10192
14 Mendenhall, Dorothy June  2 Nov 1963Los Angeles Co., California I1557
15 Mendenhall, Alfred W (or Everett)  7 May 1909Los Angeles Co., California I1224
16 Marsh, Daniel Edward  2 May 1961Los Angeles Co., California I10380
17 Manthey, William P  2 Feb 1936Los Angeles Co., California I10413
18 Lee, Nettie E.  13 Jun 1963Los Angeles Co., California I7271
19 Lee, Lorraine Francis  17 Jul 1988Los Angeles Co., California I1535
20 La Gier, Rose Salina  8 Sep 1969Los Angeles Co., California I935
21 Kane, Mabel Josephine  3 Nov 1969Los Angeles Co., California I6459
22 Kane, John  24 Nov 1930Los Angeles Co., California I6458
23 Kane, Charles Henry  13 Apr 1969Los Angeles Co., California I6463
24 Irwin, Caroline Margaret  10 Mar 1962Los Angeles Co., California I6435
25 Holmes, Margaret Theresa  1930Los Angeles Co., California I10345
26 Holmes, John Holmes  1936Los Angeles Co., California I10346
27 Herrnberger, John Aquilla  23 Sep 1976Los Angeles Co., California I1992
28 Hatcher, Martin Van Buren Jr.  4 Feb 1953Los Angeles Co., California I9464
29 Harkey, John W.  Mar 1971Los Angeles Co., California I3180
30 Goodlin, Myrtle Louise  13 Jan 1948Los Angeles Co., California I7316
31 Goodlin, Martha Blanche  8 Mar 1967Los Angeles Co., California I635
32 Dumont, William Russell  20 Dec 1924Los Angeles Co., California I7259
33 Davis, Eugene F  16 Aug 1992Los Angeles Co., California I280
34 Asavis, Irene Virginia  20 Jun 1960Los Angeles Co., California I580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kane, John  Los Angeles Co., California I6458


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wicks / Stokes  1905Los Angeles Co., California F621
2 Mendenhall / Saunders  27 Jun 1923Los Angeles Co., California F98
3 Ferlin / Study  9 Sep 1939Los Angeles Co., California F7174
4 Evans / Stokes  1897Los Angeles Co., California F619

Alternate Marriage Date

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   Family    Alternate Marriage Date    Family ID 
1 Lee / Beadle  20 Nov 1892Los Angeles Co., California F4611