Cooper with his barrel, 1840-1860
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This site is intended to be a clearinghouse for the benefit of all those who are researching the Bishir/Bisher/Beishir/Byshire/Buysher/Bysheare... family.

For the most part, our Bishir ancestors were not famous. They were regular ol’ American pioneers that were a part of the great westward migration. Our folks moved into unknown territory shortly after the land opened up for settlement and carved their farms out of the wilderness. They were skilled craftsman, coopers, who made wooden staved vessels, such as barrels, buckets, butter churns, and tubs, and they passed that skill down through the generations. Coopers were very important then because pretty much everything was stored in barrels and transported in them over land and on the waterways that were the early highways. The men in the family have fought in every war since the Revolution. The earliest language they spoke was German and they hailed from the area on the border of France and Germany called Alsace. So, how do we sum them up? They were part of and helped create the great American experience.

We are happy to collect information about as many Bishir/Bishers/Beishirs as possible and put it up here so we can coordinate our research. This is your site - so help us out!

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NEW DNA INFORMATION: The DNA Project page has been updated with new information based on test results submitted to us over the past two years.

PHOTOGRAPH OF JACOB BISHIR'S BARN: As of 1960 Jacob Bishir's barn was still in use near Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio.

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